Ballad in Blue

Ballad in Blue

Ray Charles plays himself in this film where he helps blind boy David (Piers Bishop) in his struggle to regain his sight. David’s over-protective mother Peggy (Mary Peach) is afraid of the risks connected with restoring his sight. Ray tries to help the whole family, offering the heavy-drinking Peggy’s heavy-drinking partner Steve (Tom Bell) an opportunity to work with his band.

Ray Charles attempts to help a down-on-their-luck boozing family whose son is blind. He wants to finance the recovery of his eye-sight, but the family is afraid what might happen if something goes wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (ru) wrote: This film walks a very fine line on loving it or hating it. If it had gone just slightly in one direction or the other, I could easily see myself despising it. The reason for this is because it very much plays on emotions, and without a very careful balance it could easily be seen as crude or manipulative. In fact a lot of people are probably going to take it that way and write it off completely, and while I disagree I honestly can't blame them. Still, for me, it really worked.At the start, I found the monsters motivations and methods pretty strange. Basically, he just wants to tell this kid some stories. Weirdly though I almost immediately got over it, and I was sucked into each of his stories. It kind of works on fairy tale logic, where the logic isn't always there but the emotions are strong enough that you don't really notice. Not to mention each of the stories are really good. They aren't classic myths and tales (at least not to my knowledge) but they feel like it. Each one has sort of a message, but then the monster will make you question that message with an alternative point of view giving them a little more depth than lots of classic tales. I also really liked the animation during the stories, it was kind of like the Deathly Hollows segments in the seventh Harry Potter.Despite its frequent use of fairy tale logic, there is some very genuine emotion in here too. At its core it's a story about loss and acceptance. Seeing how each of the characters deals with not only the primary loss in the film, but individual moments of strong emotion felt uncomfortably genuine. If you've ever been through similar circumstances, you've seen these reactions, and it's almost creepy how real they feel.I wouldn't recommend A Monster Calls to everyone, and even those I would recommend it to I do so with a certain level of hesitation. It's not going to work for everyone, and if it doesn't work it's really not going to work. But it worked for me, and I really found it a beautiful story with a great deal of emotional resonance to it. Not everything in the movie works. It's pacing can be a little wonky, and there's a twist in the final moments of the film that's supposed to be a final "aha!" moment but that I just found cheesy, but it's hearts in the right place and it's often very moving. It doesn't feel like Oscar bait-y tearjerkers like Crash or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, it earns each tear it jerks. What separates it from those other shameful attempts is that it doesn't incite emotion to get a reaction, it does so with purpose. It's trying to tell you something, and if you're willing to listen, you can get a lot out of it.

Charlie B (mx) wrote: PHINEAS AND FERB = AMAZING!

Alex L (de) wrote: If you hate Twilight, this is a fun, quirky little comedy that will be very entertaining. Great work by 18 year old Emily Hagins

Harold V (ca) wrote: She will prove a treasure for your world.-Superman(Translating Kryptonian)

Brett W (es) wrote: I once had this dream where Steven Seagal and Nick Mancuso were both in the same movie about a modern day Robin Hood in Las Vegas. And Seagal's character has a girlfriend who's psychic or something and arbitrarily explains her pointless visions that have zero relevance to plot. Oh, and Treach plays his street-wise black friend. Oh, and Seagal is so cool and street-wise himself that he can easily fit in with the various prison ethnic groups. And as if that weren't enough the "writer" of this film bookends the plot with some thing about a children's hospital going out of business (running low on sick kids?) which is supposed to help us forget about the previous two hours in which Seagal levels several buildings and kills or mames several hundred people (some of which are cops). and then I woke up and Today You Die was on television. I could actually feel my brain cells withering up and dying sad deaths as I subjected myself to D-grade Seagally goodness.

Barbara H (gb) wrote: best brazilian movie EVER!! Lazaro Ramos is FUCKING AMAZING! LOVE HIM!

cli o (gb) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Tyler B (jp) wrote: Forgotten and underrated late 90's gem starring one of the decade's hot leading men and one of the decade's sex symbols both on their way out. Both give good performances in a film that should have been a bigger hit and could have saved their careers.This is a major childhood favorite. So much to love here: Walken as a crazy scientist (it's gold,) Spacek awesome as always, history references, 90's nostalga, what isn't there to love?

Jim r (es) wrote: Decent Harvey Keitel action flic.

Paul N (mx) wrote: I thought I'd already seen this, but it must have been a totally different mutant sheep film. A solid B movie, the ending was a bit .... (no plot spoilers here)

Walter M (au) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Daniel," Paul Isaacson(Mandy Patinkin), a Communist in the 1930's, stands his ground at a protest against mounted police in New York City and meets Rochelle(Lindsay Crouse) who will become his wife. His activism will continue as he fights in World War II, raises a family and owns a radio repair shop. Years after the Isaacsons' execution, their grown children, Daniel(Timothy Hutton) and Susan(Amanda Plummer), argue constantly about their parents' legacy as their lives have gone in different directions. Susan is very much an activist in their parents' tradition while David is a married graduate student, father of a small child. That changes after his sister is institutionalized and he starts a quest to discover the truth about his parents.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Directed by Sidney Lumet, "Daniel" is a powerfully resonant movie that is open-ended enough to leave it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions which might depend on their political orientation.(So, you probably know where I stand...) While a fictional recreation of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case told through the eyes of Daniel(giving the movie a personal depth while showing the effect even absent parents have on their children), there is also one historical incident cited, a concert Paul Robeson gave in upstate New York I read about in Howard Fast's autobiography, "Being Red," which simply depicts the intense amount of persecution in the 1950's and how brave it was to fight it.(In fact, Robeson is heard singing on the soundtrack on more than one occasion.) By jumping around in time, the movie does a great job of showing the parallels between the Old Left and the New Left, both of which were the vanguard of social activism in their day, serving as a needed reminder of why the left is so important today. And this is a movie that is activist in its own way by attacking the death penalty and showing how it has always been used against the lower classes. [/font]

Spike V (mx) wrote: Pioneering the new wave of 50s French cinema, this film is heavily based in American crime and noir movies (yet in no way this is a film noir) and it delivers, adding some cultural spice to the mix.This is a lovely heist movie with a very nice camera work. I bet you fall in love with the good thief!

Jack W (br) wrote: Buried is a surprisingly effective, involving and emotional claustrophobic thriller with an excellent compelling performance from Ryan Reynolds.

Sarah M (us) wrote: I love this movie I find it such a shame that its voted down so much. I love Ashton and found this to be hilarious and could only imagine how if the roles were reversed how my father would react. Cute and charming, easy to follow story line. Need to buy.