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Balls torrent reviews

Anna B (mx) wrote: I was surprised at how quickly I lost interest in this. Polley talks constantly about how she wants to explore the theme of stories changing depending on who's telling them, but the story itself doesn't seem all that complicated and everyone seems to generally agree on what happened. I liked it for about an hour, and then all the details become clear and it just runs out of steam; there doesn't seem to be much worth considering about it beyond that.

Jackson S (kr) wrote: Very suspenseful and gorgeous

Lisa (it) wrote: Funny Stuff.. especially because Bobby Butronic from the perfect dating video has a small part! And geez, the hot guy likes the cougars... awesome.

Sylvette O (it) wrote: One word, BIZARRE!!!

Private U (au) wrote: Bollywood's answer to Pretty Woman. Great fun :D Not to mention it's pure Canadian.

Cole W (kr) wrote: Kind of flawed, but is still a tense, entertaining spy-thriller with some good performances from Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

Simon D (de) wrote: This film is so hyped amongst sci-fi fans that I expected a lot better. The acting is bad and the story is ridiculous, even for a sci-fi. The effects are probably the best thing about this film. I shalln't be running out to watch the sequels.

TheSecond P (ru) wrote: great story, great acting from Tupac

Dan H (es) wrote: Not an overly terrible Spaghetti Western. But I did not like the addition of the machine gun and double action pistol. Day of Anger was better.

linda B (de) wrote: typical 60's but would like torefresh memory

DJ (gb) wrote: Didnt get to finish it, not sure if I should either.

The Movie G (br) wrote: It's a funny movie it is a tiny bit stupid but it is funny at the same time. I give it a 79%