Balu ABCDEFG (Telugu: బాలు ABCDEFG) is a Telugu film released on 6 January 2005 and was directed by A. Karunakaran. This film stars Pawan Kalyan, Shriya, and Neha Oberoi. The film was produced by C. Ashwini Dutt under his production company Vyjayanthi Movies. The movie was a good grosser at the box office; it ran for 100 days successfully in 8 theaters in Andhra Pradesh

Balu is about a youngster who is ready to sacrifice everything he had for the sake of good. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (ag) wrote: This movie is a tough nut to crack. Things often happen onscreen for no apparent discernible reason. But something is happening the audience is not aware of, and you may find yourself trying to figure out why. Why is the main character going to different "appointments" and assuming different identities? You may never find out, but you will never stop wondering why. All you're really left with is your own possible theories as to the reason for these seemingly random occurrences. As for what I think, that really doesn't belong in a review. I tried to be spoiler free. Talking about this movie without spoilers is really hard. I give this 4.5 stars. Go see it for yourself and try to make some sense of it. I know I can't stop thinking about it.

Thomas D (gb) wrote: 25 DAYS OF HELLIDAY HORROR#21: A Deadly Little Christmas (2009)Here we have movie #21, 'A Deadly Little Christmas'. More than likely a twist of the famous christmas song "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" which is nowhere to be heard in the movie. Basically its a rip off of Halloween except it is aimed toward Christmas. It starts with a group of little kids being visited by Santa Claus who is actually their dad. He brings them presents, but when Devon hates his present, he becomes furious. After supposedly killing his father/ Santa with a knife, Devon is sent to a state mental hospital just like Michael Myers where he sits in solitude. He hasn't spoken a word for 15 years, but when the opportunity presents itself to break free from the hospital, Devon wastes no time. After escaping, he heads back home for the holidays to bring some christmas cheer....and BLOOD!Overall: This movie had potential, but that potential seemed to fly right out the window once it started stealing numerous elements from 'Halloween'. Yes, the movie does its best attempt at making a Christmas themed version of 'Halloween' with a few original twists. The movie was very low budget, had very poor actors and actresses who put zero effort into their roles. It was rather pitiful. Although it features Felissa Rose (Angela from Sleepaway Camp) the movie does not become any more original or cool since she is in it. As a matter of fact, she displays possibly some of the worst acting in the whole movie, with the exceptions of her daughters. Need i mention the sad kills. They were all done with a plastic, retractable knife and very, very fake looking blood. There is a good body count, but the kills creating those body counts were atrocious. The killer never even changes weapons, he just uses the same fake Halloween-store knife! The X-mas mask used by the killer was okay looking, but it just sort of looked like a red and black mess of paint smeared onto a hannibal lecter mask! Overall, 'A Deadly Little Christmas' was a decent watch during the holidays, but nothing more. It basically failed because of originality. There have been many low-budget gems that have made more of an impact this season. If you are looking for low-budget cheese, stick with 'Psycho Santa', 'Satan Claus' or better yet 'Night Train Murders'. This one is just sort of crappy. It does have a surprise plot twist at the end, but by then who really cares? Most sane people are just hoping for the shit fest to just end by that point.

Blair K (gb) wrote: one of joaquin's best movies in recent times. it is one of those movie's that is well thought out and makes you think how you would handle such tragic circumstances. it is well casted and you feel for joaquin as a grief stricken dad bent on revenge but at the same time you feel for mark ruffalo as a guilt stricken dad that comes to hate himself for what he has dad. one of the best scenes is when joaquin relaizes that mark is not worth his time or energy and he will justruin his own life by exating reve meanwhile mark cant take it anymore and is begging for joaquin to kill him. saying you cant hate me any more than i hate myself. do it just do it i dont want to live! wow! so intense!

Dailiesel M (kr) wrote: What happened in the end a good movie and the end is open so that the score is low

Caesar B (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this film to a degree. Mark Ruffalo gives a so-so performance as a man living with bipolar in 1970's Boston.

Cat R (mx) wrote: If you're expecting thrills or constant gore you'll probably be disappointed. But it's a good movie taken for what it is.