Bambai Ka Babu

Bambai Ka Babu

Film starring Saif Ali Khan, Atul Agnihotri and Kajol

Born and brought up in a small village, Vikram alias Vicky comes to Bombay - the big city - to find his fortune. He wants to get rich soon, and he does get lucky when he lands a job with a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bambai Ka Babu torrent reviews

Subas N (br) wrote: fun action combined. just like other salman khan's movies

Arturo P (gb) wrote: This one is such a bore!!! The worst of the series IMO.

Brian S (mx) wrote: "Horror" is a low-budget Satanism-and-undead flick with a lot of heart that tries hard and succeeds occasionally but ultimately doesn't quite cut it. There's good imagination at work here, but the resources available to the filmmakers didn't allow them to live up to their goals.That's too bad, because "Horror" has a lot of potential. Five young people in institutional uniforms in a van have committed some sort of unspecified crime involving the shooting of a security guard (I assumed it was a bank robbery), take mushrooms given them by a reverend, and arrive at the reverend's home. Meanwhile, the reverend and his wife are Satanists who are getting ready to do something nasty with their daughter. Grandpa was also a Satanic priest; he may or may not be dead. Grandpa is also infamous mentalist The Amazing Kreskin and, while he can't exactly act, he does seem to be having a lot of fun doing his schtick in this setting.There's a little bit of blood and gore here, but it's not particularly prevalent. There are also zombies about in a few scenes, though the prosthetics are obvious and cheap-looking. The movie has a disjointed, dream-like quality that often makes it hard to follow and sometimes makes it hard to tell whether the apparent continuity errors were intentional or not. Someone will frequently be wounded, or even turn into a zombie, in one scene, only to be perfectly well in the next. Writer/director Dante Tomaselli appears to be intentionally trying to stay completely away from any linear narrative, or even rationality. It almost works, but not quite, though the sense of confusion would probably add to the horror if the rest of the movie worked better. It doesn't, though. If the acting was better, the make-up was better, and the editing was better overall, this would have been a solid and original horror flick.As they weren't, "Horror" is a mediocre film at best. The fragmented, albeit occasionally genuinely scary, scenes never quite knit together into a finished product.

Slvio T (it) wrote: O filme tem contornos niilsticos (mas no surreais), muito difcil de assistir, muito perturbador sem ter sangue e, embora a narrativa no confunda o pblico quanto cronologia, parece tentar corromper nossa noo de princpios, fazer com que a gente busque uma justificativa para o que est acontecendo na tela. Apesar do nmero bastante elevado de personagens todas as aes e comportamentos presentes no filme soam extremamente atpicos, estranhos, perversos e confusos. A ntida sensao que a populao formada por pessoas em sua totalidade com problemas mentais graves. Muito palavreado, sugesto de satanismo e suicdio, insanidade, drogas, violncia e auto degradao so muito fortes, mas SEMPRE implcitos, o que torna tudo ainda mais indigesto. Para quem gosta de filmes muito perturbadores como eu, d pra extrair um bom filme sobre uma parte da sociedade que ningum quer ver, mas que gritou tanto por socorro que aprendeu a sobreviver em uma dinmica distorcida e prpria.

bill b (fr) wrote: WEIRDDDDDDDDDDD And talks only with images!!!

Charlie B (br) wrote: The Japanese Version is definitely better...

Laurel S (jp) wrote: A really great film.

Karsh D (it) wrote: recognised as the first Ealing comedy, centres around a group of youths who discover a criminal gang directing their operations through a magazine. Police laugh it off at first but the young lads are unrepentent in their efforts to bring those responsible to justice.Although the film is enjoyable it's the images of post war london that will linger in the memory the most

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Ignore Hugh Jackman's 3d Tetris hacking style and enjoy the rest!

Matt D (es) wrote: Stupid movie, lousy music. Jacqueline Bisset was hotter than the younger chick in this movie that gets it on with Rourke.