Bambi's tale unfolds from season to season as the young prince of the forest learns about life, love, and friends.

Nai Bambi content: The story comes indirectly to life of American families through stories Bambi lost in the woods to find a way to survive to see its parents again. Film received three nominations Oscar for Background Music, Sound and Best Song for Love Is a Song. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (de) wrote: Every fossil tells a story.Patchi and Scowler are brother dinosaurs that are part of a heard led by their parents. One day while crossing a forest a fire breaks out that leads the heard into a trap. The heard is thinned and their parents killed. Scowler grows strong and takes over the heard, leading his brother feeling left out. Patchi cannot follow his heart with his true love or do more than just survive in his current role. Patchi and Scowler may have to fight for the tribe despite their brotherly relationship."His brains? Not so much.""How big is your brain?""It's not a competition."Barry Cook (Mulan) and Neil Nightingale collaborate to deliver Walking with Dinosaurs. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and fun to watch unfold. It did remind me a little of Dinosaur. The animation was very good and made the film worthwhile and the voices were well selected. The cast/voices include Justin Long, Karl Urban, Skyler Stone, John Leguizamo, and Tiya Sircar."I don't always smell like this, I'm just covered in poop at the moment."I thought the previews for this were excellent when it was in theatres and was pretty excited when they added this to HBOGO. My daughter and I watched this and loved it. This isn't perfect, and cheesy in a couple scenes, but the animation was so good and the dinosaurs were well delivered. I do recommend watching this with your child and it is borderline worth adding to your DVD collection."One dinosaur's misfortune was another dinosaur's feast."Grade: B-

Jason D (gb) wrote: Hard Ride to Hell is the story of a group of young campers embarking on a road trip through the state of Texas in order to have a little bit of fun and relaxation, especially for damaged chick Laura Mennell who had a miscarriage and can never be with child again. As luck would have it, one of them comes across a group of lumbering, cannibalistic, satanic bikers who are in the middle of a blood sacrifice. Naturally, they hear the peeper and begin to give chase leading to one of the longest and often times dullest of second acts until the two parties (sans a couple of dead bodies along the way) collide within the confines of an old church in an abandoned ghost town that's slightly highlighted in the beginning. Genre faves Miguel Ferrer (Robocop, Night Flier) plays the leader of the biker gang and former member of the Crowley party, and Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps franchise, Freddy vs. Jason) plays one of the token campers. This film's biggest downfall is it's incorporation of some super-awesome subplots that are explained for a minute then totally forgotten about in favor of dragging out excruciatingly long chase scenes. There's a supernatural amulet belonging to Mexican farmers that controls nature itself, the Crowley society back-story, the cannibal back-story, and even the Special Ops knife salesman who comes to rescue the campers...all underplayed in favor of overdone, tedious scenes of boredom. The film finally begins to get lively within the church where everyone does battle, but it wasn't nearly enough to make up for the film. Even the blood, gore, and deaths are very lacking until the church scene. Ferrer, Isabelle, and the Special Ops guy are engaging to watch, which is nice considering the rest of the cast is incredibly awful. Overall, a film I thought was going to be promising winds up being a really bad rip-off of Race of the Devil. There were a lot of great ideas throughout this film, but ultimately, they were all very misused.

Michael S (nl) wrote: Despite it's blatantly ludicrous plot outline, Grabbers proves to be a funny and endearing creature feature with inspired monster design and a great sense of comedy and horror. If you are keen on films like Attack the Block than this one is a no brainer.

Alberto V (mx) wrote: hahahfunny enough xDNuBoobs xDla wea loca hahahah

Jong C (nl) wrote: Yet another haunting world by way of Tsukamoto Shinya. Somber, atmospheric, visually rich.

Gordo d (ag) wrote: Eric Bana stars as a drunken gambler who falls in love with drew Barrymore. If you need a nap this is a good movie to watch.

Rodney E (de) wrote: What musical movement doesn't get commercialized? This doc could have been way longer but serves it's purpose. At least it was cool to grow up in these times.

Matthew D (kr) wrote: Out from under the Burton shadow, this soft reboot succeeds where previous entries didn't by embracing a single tone, which allows for not just a cohesive style but a coherent plot too. That style may often be headache-inducingly garish and the tone goofy; it's hard not to cringe at an embarrassing mad-scientist Riddler and a complete misunderstanding of Two-Face (both competively overacting), but it makes for a more consistent, if more generic, movie. Even with it's light touch the exploration of who the Batman is and how he came to be is deeper than any previous live action outings, and we are also presented with a fairly convincing origin of Robin, once you get over his increased age which is an understandable alteration. At the time this was the most emotionally involving and heroic Batman film produced.

Jake A (br) wrote: Even though this isn't as good as the first and isn't as original this is still a solid sci-fi action film that continues the story of Murphy while also having the biting satire that made the first so good which not only satires society but also sequels as well. The action is even better than the first, the special effects also hold up better (thanks to being a newer film), it is even funnier than the first film, the violence is even more gleeful and even though it lacks the character development that the first film had (along with the originality) it more than satisfied me on an entertainment basis.

Alex M (ag) wrote: Watchable for the wild club/street wear and dance sequences. It does scream TV Movie but hey for a rainy Sunday red leathered multizippered 80's kitsch is harmless fun.

Josh M (gb) wrote: Probably one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen! The demonic possessions and exorcisms are lame and not even scary. What a horrible way to pay homage to the first film.


Matthew S (au) wrote: A truly good, gritty, tense movie with an excellent cast and story line that has you gripped right to the very end. A brilliant British movie in my opinion!