TV producer Pierre Delacroix (Damon Wayans) becomes frustrated when network brass reject his sitcom idea. Hoping to get fired, Delacroix pitches the worst idea he can think of: a minstrel show. The network not only airs it, but it incredibly becomes a smash hit. Michael Rapaport co-stars in this searing satire.

A frustrated African American TV writer proposes a blackface minstrel show in protest, but to his chagrin it becomes a hit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (ag) wrote: Right from the get go you can feel something building in the atmosphere and does it what! For the first hour little happens at all, in fact I was starting to get a tad restless however the wait was worth it. The insanely graphic violent ending reminded us this is a horror at heart & delivered an intense climax worthy as such. It's both stylish & retro with a supernatural twist that's done in a way that doesn't come off tacky. Has one of the most grotesque bathroom scenes I've ever seen. Also can I just ask why so many scary movies these days are opting for a 80's vibe? What's so wrong with present day?

Barry T (nl) wrote: Short and sweet and really rather good in a B-Movie like fashion. Luke Evans is execellant. Its full of great twists and turns

Tonya V (ru) wrote: I watched 3 so I had to watch 4. I guess this one was better?! The snake graphics were still bad, the acting was better but there was no HOF in this one and the story seemed to move a bit quicker.

Christian M (us) wrote: Tom Selleck is great in this role.

Prithviraj P (us) wrote: awesum movie....... just awesum

HungYa L (jp) wrote: Deep Impact puts its emphasis more on human emotion aspect and it is pretty good.

Paul E (ag) wrote: "Lesser" Woody Allen, but still good stuff. It's a funny romp about relationships and murder, and it's always great to see Allen and Keaton together.

AJ G (fr) wrote: considering the year it was made and the special effects back then, it's not a bad movie.

Megan S (gb) wrote: This is the best Elvis movie there is in my opinion. Also check out the book that it was based on by Harold Robbins, "A Stone for Danny Fisher." Great cinematography, wonderful shots of New Orleans and Elvis had his acting abilities quite polished in this.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It's far too melodramatic when establishing character in the first part of the film, and subsequently doesn't follow through too much on Peck's mental scars which it makes so much of. However, once the main plot occurs it comes into own despite being a too short affair.

STCENTERPRISE (us) wrote: It is a completely outrageous ridiculous slap stick comedy. It has its outrageously ridiculous funny moments. It has a rude inconsiderate comedy moments as well. I liked the mirror scene and opening introduction scene of Groucho MarxI liked the motorcycle scenes as well.

Matthew M (mx) wrote: While it may have the occasional fun sequence, 2012 is too self-serious for it's own good - as well as having characters and acting that are boring, stale and wooden. The implausibility of the events is to the point of ridiculousness.

Mike T J (nl) wrote: Still not a Judd Apatow fan after seeing this. It had some cheap laughs, but for the most part was forgettable.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Some things are just more then what you bargain for... a whole lot more--Flat occult thriller!!