Bamma Maata Bangaru Baata

Bamma Maata Bangaru Baata


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Tiago A (ru) wrote: Awesome combat scenes, this movie is completelly amazing. If you want to see a good action movie, there is one you might like.

Derek J (br) wrote: initial d: cops version minus the coolness (pretty girls, pop music, adolescent angst). car chases are standard filmed but the protagonists' motivation is undercooked. they're chasing shadows.

Niklas S (ag) wrote: This movie looks great and the acting is good in many moments. Still, I think this could have been boiled down to a shortfilm.

Brian C (ag) wrote: VERY HIGHLY RECOMEND! it has a song from the cali band "E-race"

Jacob D (es) wrote: Excellent analysis of Christians and their view on homosexuality

Patrick K (au) wrote: Just finished watching this for the first time.....and.....all I can say is it was gorier and more amusing than I would've expected, but Raimi and Jackson did it better and they did it 20 years ago.

Charlie F (fr) wrote: Very well done, but kind of depressing.

Ahsan S (fr) wrote: The Critics at Rotten tomatoes are crazy. All ficiton based on timetravel is proposterous because there isn't much we know much about it. True, it could have had better special effects concerning the SciFi part, but the rest was amazing a few continuity flaws, and i did'nt find any characters to be flawed or anything they said or did out of place or unrealistic everything the characters did fell into place like domino, maybe the critics at rotten potato are too stupid to see it. ok there was one flaw the film could have done without in one intance of reality the protogonist and the kid fell conveniently out of a moving car. But flaws like this are too many to be found even high rated movies written into the screenplay to keep the story going. I think Kylie Travis would have made a fine action-film star doing all the shooting herself. And i also didnt founf the protogonist to be brazen or impulsive, she needed to take control of the situatiion quickly. I dont know maybe its just me but i like movies which i want to see again and again.

stefn birgir s (mx) wrote: The third, and last, Slumber Party flick. Pretty weak rehash, not connected in any way to the other films (except for the weapon of choice). I don't know - I just think that there are few weapons more inconvenient for mass slashing murder than a huge and heavy power drill. Also, I am pretty sure that the police can't just randomly pick and choose what phone calls they check out, especially if the caller is screaming bloody murder.

Private U (kr) wrote: Must see for all film buffs. The story is basic and simple...yet gripping and heart wrenching. There is humor, joy, sadness, terror, and hate. Emotions we all feel everyday, but multiplied twice over in time of war and invasion.

Rich L (de) wrote: This film has everything I love, an exciting storyline, more than one interesting and engaging characters, interesting sets and scenary, snappy dialogue, something to think about and a cracking soundtrack. Saoirse Ronan gives possibly the stand out performance of her career so far, Eric Bana is excellent and there is a host of other good performances in support lead by Cate Blanchett. The actions is fast paced and I was always left wondering what is going to happen next. The settings from Africa to France to Austria to Germany and many more are fascinating. And the soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers tops it all off.