Banana Brothers

Banana Brothers


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Terry C (ru) wrote: The supernatural aspect of this out-of-body-experience story actually isn't the main point of it. Rather it drives a timely message of the value of life and life worth living despite its pain and suffering, a message sorely lacking in our society today. Also driving this movie is a fine appreciation for music with its classical and indie rock soundtrack.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Film directors really do suffer for their art!Amusing in places

Matt R (us) wrote: A predictable but charming Sandler comedy.

Jim H (ag) wrote: A brother and sister begin a torrid, obsessive affair.The affair that is the central conflict on this film is interesting only in the sense that I spent most of the film wondering what drew these two siblings to each other in the first place. Their behavior before they begin fucking is quite unremarkable, a supportive brother, an adoring sister, with a mild sexual chemistry that inflames briefly and smolders. The mysterious nature of their sexuality is interesting and perhaps the center of what the film is saying about sex and love. The rest of the film's plotlines are haphazard and repetitive and rather trite ways the siblings hide their activities and resist their own desire. Most of the film is nothing you haven't seen before.Overall, Close My Eyes begins with a good idea but fizzles to cliche.

Anthony G (au) wrote: "Boyz n the Hood" was nominated for the Academy Awards for "Best Director" making John Singleton the youngest and the first African American director to get that suggestion in history and it was well deserved. This is a film about the fictionalized and poignant summaries of one of America's arduous internal problems - violence, poverty, racism, and drug abuse. This is not demoralized hip hop flick, nor a detached and dehumanized story about ghetto violence, it's a story about maintaining your human qualities growing up without a mother and father in a death zone, where people do not value the lives of others and their own lives slightly more. This is an exemplary directional debut from John Singleton, who managed to create an all time classic.

Dr A (it) wrote: I've only seen excerpts of this.. I know the LA Library has it on VHS but I owe a lot and can't check out anything until I pay them... oh, well... I'll pay very soon... :-)

Private U (gb) wrote: Now this is the kind of vampire I like.

Paul D (br) wrote: Not terrible and definitely an influence on Alien cause some of the imagery was jacked straight from this.

Matt L (fr) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer killed it as Cat Woman. Enough said.