Band of the Hand

Band of the Hand

An Indian Vietnam veteran trains five street punks in the Everglades to fight vice in Miami.

The film zeroes in on five juvenile delinquents who are plucked from their various detention facilities and unceremoniously dumped in the wilds of the Everglades. The boys begin to panic until hardcase Vietnam veteran Stephen Lang arrives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bobbie K (de) wrote: Just a wonderful movie! Great cast awesome story line!

Suraj N (nl) wrote: Awesome atmosphere created by Lal Jose, but the climax is let loose which itself weakens the plot. A matured cast would have added much vigor to their characters. Technically brilliant but the background score by VidyaSagar Sir is not fresh as it reminds of his peek glorious times in malayalam cinema. A good attempt, but the main question still hounds me why this movie was remade?????

Deborah M (au) wrote: Excellent performances by Kidman, Eckhart and Teller. A poignant story, sensitively told.

Walter M (it) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Days and Clouds" starts with Elsa(Margherita Buy) graduating from college when she passes her oral exams. As bad as the hangover and glass shard in her foot are the morning after, they cannot begin to compare to the agony of finding out that her husband Michele(Antonio Albanese) lost his job months ago at the company he helped found, lying to her in the bargain.(He did not tell their grown daughter, Alice(Alba Rohrwacher), either and they do not plan on doing so.) Worse still, they are running out of money, forcing them to put their house on the market. In the meantime, Elsa stays on at her unpaid restoration job while Michele turns down a job as a production manager, feeling something better is right around the corner...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Days and Clouds" is a perceptive drama about the psychological effects which can be almost as bad as the financial effects of losing one's job. It is especially difficult for Michele and Elsa since they are middle-aged and it is harder for them to start over. As time goes on, pride becomes a luxury as they cannot be choosy about the the type of work offered. And in these circumstances Michele's lying becomes almost understandable but he still should have come clean with everybody.[/font]

Naoya K (fr) wrote: One of the films I'd recommend to those who say "Japanese movies these days suck!" Undoubtedly this film will make you admit that you are wrong.

Mark B (fr) wrote: Buddy Visalo is as Italian as they come. He's a big guy, he?s got a crew of Italian buddies, and he's got a screeching, annoying Italian wife. And they all reside in a thoroughly Italian neighborhood, circa 1956. But, as Italian as Buddy is, can he live forever with a woman who continually stomps on his dreams? Maybe not. But, no matter how bad his marriage becomes, there are certain things no true-blooded Italian man would ever do. But Buddy Visalo is not your typical man. Buddy is the man of the house in the surprising film "Two Family House." His newly purchased house has an upstairs apartment, and Buddy needs to evict the tenants, a lowly and annoying Irish dude, and his young, sexy, and pregnant wife. It is the wife, played by the simultaneously plain and alluring Kelly Macdonald (the wife in No Country for Old Men) who becomes, along with Buddy, the focus of our story. It is a tale of ethnic tension, magnified further as the story unfolds. But I won?t give any of that away. The surprises forthcoming are a large part of what makes this film special. There are times when we are about to give up on these characters, realizing that their social faults are just a sign of those times. It provides a stark reminder of how bad racial divisions were in this country just a few decades ago. But, as disheartening as much of this story is, it takes a couple of remarkable and unexpected turns, and rewards us in several beautiful ways.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: In my small night, ah,the wind has a date with the leaves of the trees.In my small night there is agony of destruction.Listen!Do you hear the darkness blowing?I look upon this bliss as a stranger.I am addicted to my despair.Listen!Do you hear the darkness blowing?Something is passing in the night.The moon is restless and red.And over this rooftopwhere crumbling is a constant fear,clouds, like a procession of mourners,seem to be waiting for the moment of rain,a moment, and then nothing.Night shudders beyond this windowand the earth winds to a halt.Beyond this window,something unknown is watching you and me.O green from head to foot,place your hands like a burning memoryin my loving hands,give your lips to the caressesof my loving lips,like the warm perception of being.The wind will carry usThe wind will carry us.-Forough Farrokhzad-97/100

Peter P (gb) wrote: Who knew such a talented cast could suck so much, terrible.

Meow M (fr) wrote: I really really like this movie, plus its got two of my favorite actors!

Vianka H (us) wrote: great movie .must see it if u haven't. you'll like it I guarantee it.

Henrik S (nl) wrote: Just your regular run-of-the-mill western. If it wasn't for John Wayne, nobody would throw the skull of a drunken rat after this one.

Loren R (ag) wrote: Die erste Hlfte ist ein gut inszenierter Sci-Fi-Streifen. Ab der zweiten Hlfte wird es zu einem grossen Humbug. Schade eigentlich um die guten Darsteller, die htten ein besseres Drehbuch erhalten knnen! Durchschnittlich und man braucht nicht viel nachzudenken!