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Bandish torrent reviews

Utsav S (au) wrote: a little knowledge can be useful

Griffin W (nl) wrote: Interesting, level-headed, and straight to the point, Jesus Camp is worthwhile for God-fearing Evangelicals and Devil-worshiping Heathens alike. It's "Great!"

Hrafnkell H (br) wrote: The last (so far) of the three brothers/three dragons(Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao) collaborations. Having worked together on movies like Project A, Wheels on Meals and My Lucky Stars, the conclusion for the collaboration of three of the most entertaining martial arts actors and stuntmen came to an end with this movie. And what an end. This movie is packed with the usual Jackie Chan style comedy with odd dialogue and awkward situations. Especially Yuen Biao's character has some peculiar things to say. But the physical comedy and action is nothing less than spectacular.Featuring a ferocious final fight scene between Jackie and Benny "the Jet" Urquidez which has to go down in history as one of the most spectacular martial arts sequences ever.Enjoy.

Greg S (de) wrote: Acceptably campy sci-fi B-movie. I was reasonably entertained. It was also short, which was a plus. I think the short running time definitely had something to do with how well I tolerated it.

Patrick D (jp) wrote: The second film I've seen by Hellman, and the second one that is a comment on a popular genre of the time. This one is is about sport films. The narrative is set up like alot of sport films, and what's brilliant is that on one level plays out like a brilliantly directed one. Of course there's the whole bit about it not being consenting, competing humans, but chickens killing each other. It seems doubtful they faked it in anyway. I would bet money on the fact that they used and killing actual chickens. Therefore the whole exploitation and viciousness of sports is set up on full display. But here's the catch. These horrible, souless human beings, you actually care about and it made in such a way that you are almost cheering like the rednecks in the crowd. Now let me saw that for the content I use the thrift store fur coat or John Waters defense. But to continue on with it, it does throw the content in your face in an interesting way. And despite what you see, the acting, direction, writting, are all decent, and contain a great naturalistic feel to it. Thanks in no small part to Mr. Hellman. If you eat chicken, see this film.

Guillaume H (it) wrote: You dont just watch this movie, you commit yourself to it. then you wikipedia the hell out it as it goes to keep track. Also happens to be visually rich, and the rythm is very exhilarating.

Simon D (mx) wrote: You can definitely see shoots of what went on to become Kubrik's style in this but it is a bit cheesy in places and not the most exciting story ever.

Ian B (gb) wrote: The Changeling is widely considered to be one of the best in the haunted house genre, and for good reason. This is the type of low-key gothic thriller they just don't make anymore. There's nothing particularly original about the story itself, but it's so well acted and directed that you don't really notice the familiarity of it all. George C. Scott gives a terrific performance as the grieving husband/father trying to put his life back together after his family is tragically killed. Without such a skilled actor carrying the movie it could've easily turned campy, but he keeps everything grounded and elevates the material into something special. I'll admit the movie isn't really all that scary, but director Peter Medak slowly builds the tension and mystery while filling the movie with plenty of atmosphere and suspense. What really makes the movie work is that Medak understands the concept of 'less is more', and by keeping the ghost offscreen it allows the imagination to run wild. The Changeling isn't interested in cheap jump's about loss and the fear of the unknown. Highly recommended for those who enjoy classic, creepy ghost stories.

Tony P (mx) wrote: Rousing war film that despite its age and no doubt countless broadcast I had never seen until tonight. Picked it up cheap the other day. The screenplay has elements of other cassics such as The Great Escape, Where Eagles Dare. Excellent cinematography of the Italian and Swizz scenery. The colour and Fox Cinemascope really gives the film character. Almost as good as The Great Escape and certainly one of my top 10 war films now.