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Bandolera torrent reviews

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Beautiful locale, but a slow and somewhat boring plot.

Marcus Y (br) wrote: As another reviewer said: it was cute and very campy.

Karen M (au) wrote: worth it just for the 2nd half where there's a great discussion of what atheism is (as in it's a positive world-view, not a position of lacking something) & where ethics originate from (evolutionarily - a great bit this, but a pity it's at the very end, after long terrifying minutes of Dawkins interviewing quite a few hate-filled weirdos).

Mr D (gb) wrote: I always wondered why there wernt any horror movies about Chupacabra. Well this one is but they named it Mexican werewolf.It's quite an enjoyable film for a b-movie no lame CGI or lame latex monsters. They take up the more "It's alive" approach. If your gonna be preachy about white against mexican racism. Dont let the mexican kid by a latino not a white guy.

Yuli G (es) wrote: c ce que je pense de la vie

Private U (jp) wrote: A very clever movie that has some great thought provoking lines about sex, body parts, men, women and relationshis. Stumbled on this movie by accident, but I'm very glad I did. It's a must watch. (note: I like because of its potential as a conversational/educational piece, not because its such a great film lol)

John R (jp) wrote: Despite the additional cheesiness, it still has quite a bit of entertainment value in itself.

Orlok W (es) wrote: The Movie Looker Is Worth A Look--Well done suspense & sci-fi, with unexpected bonuses!!

Andi Z (au) wrote: the boy in the Plastic bubble rocks. John Travolta. is really funny in this movie. it has romace. & humor. if you like John Travolta. you will like this movie. this is one to add to your List!

Greg W (nl) wrote: a bit dated but still watchable thriller

David G (nl) wrote: The problem with Candyman 2 is that the film plays it too safe to the original; so the reaction is the same, just duller.

Jason S (au) wrote: An interesting way of depicting and retelling one man's imprisonment, torture, and interrogation. There are flashbacks, contextual interjections, and creative ways of addressing solitude and uncertainty.

mark v (kr) wrote: A must see if you grew up during that time. What a n interesting life!

Adam B (br) wrote: I watched "Licensed to Drive" this morning and it was terrible. Thankfully this film stands the test of time and still delivers like it did all those years ago.