Bastard depicts the distress of needy children and the love of a nurse and a hard boiled criminal. A film from Polish director Maciej Dejczer and actor Til Schweiger’s first international film.

Bastard depicts the distress of needy children and the love of a nurse and a hard boiled criminal. A film from Polish director Maciej Dejczer and actor Til Schweiger’s first international film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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santosh r (br) wrote: a tragedy that shook the entire indian nation was the concept of this movie.RGV known for his realistic picturization and pointy details has done a better than expected job in the first half of the movie. I wouldnt say that about the last half which failed to justify the violence and satisfaction of the users who expect the obvious i.e the hunting and killing of the terrorists. It was merely a point of view of the commissioner of police of mumbai played by the satirical nana patekar who did a decent job . I will recommend this movie only to those who need to understand the reality of a terrorist attack in india.

Jennifer S (ag) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I've recommended many people to see the movie, and they've all enjoyed it. I love that it makes you think, and you leave thinking! I would recommend everyone to see the movie!

Michael D (es) wrote: Good storyline to teach kids

Robert A (ag) wrote: Really brilliant drama, featuring one of the most unique and interesting protagonists that I have ever seen. Jean Paul Colmer is excellent as this junkyard recluse who lives among the bodies of old and abandoned cars. The acting by the supporting cast is terrific as is the script Denis Ct and the cinematography of this film is simply stunning.

Maxwell S (nl) wrote: I don't know why I watched this movie, but this is a fine example of dark comedy. It is thrilling and completely original.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: The Nines is one of those films that has a fascinating premise, but just can't manage to live up to it upon execution. On paper, a story about three intertwined vignettes connected via multidimensional beings and quantum physics is stunning, but the screenplay is often too jumbled and clunky to work in the way other mind-bending films of this kind have done in the past. Perhaps writer/director John August's biggest weakness is his lack of awareness about motifs and symbolism: August seems to think that simply repeating the same symbol continuously (in this case, the number nine) makes for compelling imagery, when it's actually repetitive and bland more than anything. August's biggest strength, however, his getting strong performances out of his cast, namely Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds delivers one of the strongest performances of his career, and packs a surprising amount of emotion into his three different characters. August also has a nice way with his camerawork: the film is full of smooth camera angles and shots. It's undeniably mindbending as a whole, but The Nines lacks the same impact of other films of this kind. It's a valiant effort, but the punch just isn't strong enough to be a knockout.

Paco H (nl) wrote: The Perception of an individual dream from the collective dream perspective. It shows how we all build our own illusions, some are kings and queens of them and some other just follow other's dreams. Heartwarming.

Dimitri C (de) wrote: "Kinsey" is sympathic and funny at the beginning, and it benefits from this strong cat ensemble. But it looses this breath at the middle and becomes too repetitive, suffering from a little lack of inconstancy.

Pablo G (br) wrote: Satyrical in its nature and thought provoking, Michael Moore proves his expertise in a documentary thats harsh, very well done, and interesting to watch.

Mohammed Q (it) wrote: A Drama from ( Czech Republic ) set in WW2 .. and the story is very nice & it's been nominated for best foreign language film

Ben P (br) wrote: A pretty standard thriller, though I do miss the old school films that don't have CG.

Giorgos T (mx) wrote: A beautiful and, at the same time time, thought-provoking film.

Mark B (ca) wrote: the first slumber party massacre film had a campyness to it that made it alot of fun ... but this one was downright silly .. i mean the fucking killer is andrew dice clay wannabe with a drill guitar singing and dancing while he kills the occasional person ...good sequel(no)..laughable(yes)..annoying(sometimes)

Joseph S (de) wrote: Probably the best movie about occupied France.

Stuart M (de) wrote: The difficulty with parody of '60s spy dramas is telling the difference between the intentionally absurd and a regular Bond film. Almost every ridiculous feature of this film showed up in later Bond films, from the plot to destroy the world except for a few elites (Moonraker) to the hero's ability to stop his heart through meditation (Die Another Day). It even manages to presage Blofeld's hidden island lair from You Only Live Twice (released the following year). About the only hint that it's a parody come in its self-referential jokes, such as agent 0008 blaming Spectre or Flint rejecting a very Bondsian briefcase. So what we're left with is a spy parody that feels like a regular '60s spy film except where the hero is even more annoyingly perfect than Bond. This still makes it perfectly watchable as a '60s action film, and probably the best of the Bond knockoffs, but if you want pure parody you're better off trying the Austin Powers films (which copy this film a lot actually, from the evil plan to hold the Earth for ransom to the forklift murder) which are a bit more openly parodic.

blair k (mx) wrote: a tearjerker but wonderful film with a nice romance thrown in for good measure. baxter and loy have great chemistry. easily can watch again and again.

Greg W (au) wrote: saw this in a free preview screening and really liked it alot though sometimes i was the only one laughing

Keith B (nl) wrote: Good, but full of cliches