Bang Bang Formosa

Bang Bang Formosa

Car theft and kidnapping in Taiwan

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Greg W (es) wrote: no 'airplane' or 'naked gun' but still very funny

Angie M (es) wrote: Benegal is an artist when it comes to sketching provocative characters and equally intriguing relationship dynamics. The movie weaves together different viewpoints from different characters to give us a sense of who Sardari Begum was. The director ingeniously manages to keep a lot in her life ambiguous through half-lies and biased anecdotes. It is fun to watch how different characters paint a different picture of Sardari Begum in order to present themselves in the best light. One ends up wondering if any of the stories -- even that of her own daughter -- come even close to touching the woman's true character.I loved the love-hate energy between Sardari and her daughter. Of course, two very able performances -- Kirron Kher and Rajeshwari Sachdev -- and their chemistry helped a lot. The scene where Sakina confronts her mother and the climax where she holds her is heartbreaking. I was initially confused as to why she kept calling her mother "sister", but it became clear towards the end, and I thought it was one of the highlights of the movie.I'm usually not a fan of such soundtracks, so barring one or two, I didn't really like the music.One complaint that I did have was the way Sardari changes physically in twenty or so years, but everyone else around her look exactly the same! It was a bit distracting.

Zachary L (au) wrote: Could have been way better, if steven spielberg can make awesome/real looking dinosaurs so can this guy! But he did not do it. And the movie is totally different then book

Victor S (jp) wrote: una de las primeras peliculas que recuerdo haber visto en el cine. no recuerdo casi nada pero se que me gusto. solo tenia 7 aos, que conste. :)

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Garrett C (ca) wrote: Not a thoroughly consistent outing from the duo, but amiable nonetheless. Notice The Honeymooners being born here.

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