Bangarada Manushya

Bangarada Manushya

Rajeeva comes to the village to visit his sister only to find that she's in financial trouble and has lost her husband. He decides to stay and help her out.

Rajeeva comes to the village to visit his sister only to find that she's in financial trouble and has lost her husband. He decides to stay and help her out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iain B (jp) wrote: She was great, he was dreadful, truly dreadful, so when (SPOILER ALERT) the unfortunate event happened I didn't really care as much as I should have done

Muhammad F (br) wrote: c'est trs drle et amusant! especially to hear those English men and women speak French in their accent :D love it, love it!

Jamie L (gb) wrote: Cheesy of course, but I liked it.

Kristin W (jp) wrote: heard it was stupid but im thinkin about seein it

Dean I (es) wrote: This the first 100% Hindi film I've ever seen and I loved every minute of it. The Guru is about a young man from a poor village in India who has a very quick mind and the ability to turn even the worst situations to his advantage. His ambitions make him enemies along the way to the top and it's a fascinating journey as we see all the things he sacrifices (at some point even his health) to get to the the top of the business world. There's a lot of similarities between this bollywood movie and the hollywood movie about an ambitious businessman called The Aviator. If you liked that then you will love this. The Guru comes highly recommended. From Dean

Teri R (fr) wrote: Excellent movie. Well written and the actors were phenomenal.

Private U (br) wrote: Du liker egentlig musikk uten like Townes

Tim R (br) wrote: Revisited this after a decade away from it. Still as good as I remember. So compelling. Amazing score. 2-1/2s flies by.

Private U (kr) wrote: Atmospheric but boring Spanish gothic from Paul Naschy. The zombie attack is the highlight, and sadly it only lasts about a minute.

Tim J (it) wrote: Hugely underrated late 60's Brit psycho thriller influenced by Psycho's cloying mother figure and troubled son, Peeping Tom's rich colour scheme and Hammer's Straight On Til Morning. Hywel Bennett is magnificent as the distrurbed Martin in a part he could easily have overplayed. The murder scenes are cleverly understated, the supporting cast - particularly Billie Whitelaw and Barry Foster - are terrific. The script racism is very much a product of its time and now seems embarrassing and dated. The icing on the cake is Bernard Herrmann's recently resurrected score which enhances the films themes of corrupted children. Anyone who wants to know where that infectious whistle of Daryl Hannah in 'Kill Bill Vol. 1' need look no further! Not to everyones tastes but for fans of this genre this = a must!

Jason C (us) wrote: What a great film. Dassin gets so much out of the cell space, it's pretty amazing. And I can not say enough about Hume Cronyn; his performance as the calm and maliacious head of the guards is one of the greatest villians ever.

Anaideia E (de) wrote: Really dissapointed about this movie, I love Rob Zombie but it's his worst realisation. The story could have been so much better !