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  • Release:1963
  • Language:Kannada
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  • Country:USA
  • Director:G.V. Iyer
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Bangari torrent reviews

Sums I (au) wrote: What did I just watch? That was plain weird. It was like "Friday" without the humor, and the actors on speed & crack. Phew! There were a number of lines that just flew by... whether UK slang, accented, or just plain spoken to fast... and there wasn't much plot anyway.There's just not much to like here. The main character is a real loser, the WAY over-the-top bully is ridiculous and unbelievable, and the whole "pay the rent or else" schtick is soooo old. Even the visiting Enrique is a stereotype shell of a character who smiles handsomely at everything as if he's 7 years old.Too serious for comedy, too simple for drama, too weird for US audiences. Skip it or be VEX.

Jared B (it) wrote: Noble ideals but this movie lacks the subtlety needed for wise political criticism. And it's an insipid love story. Ham handed characterizations of both Americans and Canadians is also insufferable.

Thibaut L (gb) wrote: Un petit bijou inattendu.Farfelu et drole a la fois , ce film est attendrissant.

Jon C (nl) wrote: I found myself laughing so much at the ridiculousness Eddie Griffin is hysterical in the tradition of Austin Powers 'Undercover Brother' pokes fun at the Blaxploitation era while also making tons of racial satireMalcolm D. Lee not only shows a modern secret agent flick but also tackling the racial barriers that have been present to us and unknown to everyone elsesure not all the jokes work perfectly but man is it a visual riotyou wont even trust your eyes at half the stuff that happensbig supporting players like Billy Dee Williams, Dave Chappelle and Denise Richards add some sprinkle to the utter hilarityblack or white it's teamwork that matters

Jams G (de) wrote: silly but funny rip off of Ghost ship. Lance Henrikson is funny

Johnny B (it) wrote: Not bad, just really slow.

William O (mx) wrote: Jackie Chan vs Street Gangs, Hitmen, and a Hovercraft .... Jackie-1 New York-0

Mike T (it) wrote: A boring, almost incoherent film that fails to latch onto anything memorable throughout its entire runtime. Despite the occasional inspired creative flair from Gus Van Sant, this is a chore to sit through.

Dave S (it) wrote: Complicated and eclectic. Why aren't we hearing more from Anders and Balk?

Bryan D (ru) wrote: Cannot go wrong with John Candy and Chris Columbus.

Michael M (ru) wrote: Does anyone remember this very early '90s romanticomedythrillerama starring Mel Gibson's mullet and Goldie Hawn's 2 backs? Nor should you. It's absolutely ridiculous most of the way and I'm giving it a second star only because in the finale at the zoo, one bad guy is dispatched in the tiger cage, Goldie Hawn is chased by monkeys, and another bad guy is eaten by pirahna.

Stephen S (de) wrote: Excellent courtroom drama. Another awesome classic.

Paul M (ca) wrote: Good film with great cast. Astaire and Rogers are (as usual) fantastic when they dance together. Dunne shows off her singing ability, and Scott just shows off his size.

James H (mx) wrote: Jerry Maguire is all about building relationships with other people, and it's the relationships between the characters that makes this so warming and entertaining on every viewing. Tom Cruise is brilliant, as you'd expect, and I liked Rene Zellweger and her son. Cuba Gooding Jr steals the show with his deserved Oscar win, he is charismatic, likeable and relatable. I thought the love between Cruise and Zellweger could have been built up better (the porch scene in particular is awful) but once it's there, it's touching and you can't help but route for them. You can't not love the tale of an underdog.