Bangkok Haunted

Bangkok Haunted

Three young women gathered in a coffee bar in Bangkok tell and discuss three original ghost stories with each other. The first tale: In Bangkok, the young Jieb receives an ancient drum not listed in the order from the truck of Transportation Company owned by Mr. Anake. She calls her former Professor Arkom, who identifies the markings for good luck that she describes and tells the story of the orphan Paga. In 1917, the renowned music teacher Jangwah-Chuem and his wife Peng raise the beautiful Paga with their deformed son Gnod. Paga is a good and loving sister and daughter and becomes a great beautiful dancer. When Paga falls in love for the handsome Fond, the jealous Gnod and she vanish from their village. Jieb investigates the mystery of their disappearance and discloses the eerie truth with tragic consequences. The second tale: The gorgeous Pam receives a sample from her next-door neighbor of a love potion that makes the user irresistible to men...

Three young women gathered in a coffee bar in Bangkok tell and discuss three original ghost stories with each other. The first tale: In Bangkok, the young Jieb receives an ancient drum not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathy R (fr) wrote: Very emotional, insightful and inspiring!!

Nick O (mx) wrote: Find out what happens when two sellouts unite.

Tyson S (us) wrote: Not as good as Sideways or Descendants.

DJ J (es) wrote: Okay this had to be a practical joke. Oh goodness... this was just really bad... way to bad for me to even think that this was an actual movie. How did these amateurs even get selected for this mess. The quality of this movie looked like it could have been done with a camcorder is someone's backyard. Everything from the simple dialog to the unconvincing way these characters acted out their roles was just way too much. I had to turn it off because I felt like was going to throw my laptop through the window. Don't waste your time with this load of dung.

Jacob K (ca) wrote: Some interesting ideas here, yet annoyingly fragmented due to the Q/A format. The producers should have just recorded a lecture from start to finish.

Rodrigo S (jp) wrote: Cine espaol, pelicula ke me llamo mucho la atencion cuando la vi XD

Humberto O (jp) wrote: In the 90s this kind of thriller was very common, even if you already know the bad guy from the start. Still, it managed to get some attention. The plot actually works to some degree, and even have a number of good twists. Some of the acting is a little bad, and the greenhouse scene is disconcerting (I couldn't understand it then, and I still have my doubts about it), but overall this is not a bad movie and it's actually an entertaining one, just don't expect a masterpiece.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: not one of director's best efforts.

Michael A (nl) wrote: Really bizarre film.

Carlos L (gb) wrote: Classy (and tame) early WIP film by Jess Franco. Technically great, with good production values and a excellent cast (You got to love Mercedes overactig, hehe). There's some pretty ladies on display here, including Venus in Furs herself, Maria Rohm and giallo favorite Rosalba Neri.

Eli O (jp) wrote: Looper is a 2012 science fiction thriller, written and directed by Rian Johnson. This film revolves around the idea of contract killers using time travel. In the year 2044, criminals called "loopers" are paid to kill people sent to them by the mafia through time travel. Despite time travel being highly illegal in the year 2074, sending victims back 30 years to be killed and disposed of is the most efficient way to kill without leaving a trace. Even with significant plot issues, the film was well scripted and presented, making it overall a reasonably entertaining movie rather than the disaster it could have been. One of the main characters Joe, portrayed by both Joseph Gordon-Levitt (present day Joe) and Bruce Willis (future Joe) is one of these loopers. Eventually, the day dreaded by every looper comes around. Joe is tasked with killing his future self. However, when present Joe fails to "close the loop" and future Joe escapes, the movie takes off. The whole idea of time traveling killings, is quite unique and intriguing. Unfortunately, the plot left a lot to be desired. As one could expect in any futuristic sci-fi movie, there were several plot holes. For example, little effort was put into explaining how time travel worked. When it came up during a conversation between old and young Joe, it was quickly shot down as future Joe yelled "It doesn't matter!" There were also questions as to why the victims were not killed before being sent back in time. It would seem to be much more efficient and prevent any risk of escape (cough, cough). Another questionable situation is why the looper must be the one to kill himself. Again, an unnecessary risk this so called smart and superior mafia is taking, as any looper will be hesitant to kill his future self. One more criticism that must be addressed is how the focus completely changes in the middle of the movie. To begin, the film centers on old Joe trying to escape young Joe. Without conclusion to that conflict, a child who supposedly grows into an evil, supernatural leader, spontaneously becomes the new objective for both young and old Joe. The writers failed to properly transition into this new story, leaving the audience in disarray. Despite these gaping issues, the rest film was put together well. The other main actors Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels, Noah Segan, and especially the young Pierce Gagnon, all seemed very comfortable and in-touch with their characters. Emily Blunt as Sara looked very natural playing the "tough girl" and speaking in an American accent. Pierce Gagnon who played the 10 year old Cid, also exceeded expectations with stellar lines and physique, acting well above his actual age. Again, anybody can find flaws with a movie based on time traveling contract killers, but the originality, acting, and even some well-done special effects boost this movie above the mediocracy hump. Overall, a movie you'd enjoy watching once, but wouldn't order on Blu-ray.

Gordon R (au) wrote: So what if the drama is a little cheesy. The 70s were about fun and this semi-biographical film shows that side of it. It's just too bad it couldn't mix both the drama and the fun equally. Mike Myers performance is what makes the film.