Bank Shot

Bank Shot

A bank temporarily housed in a mobile home while a new building is built, looks like an easy target to break into. On the other hand, why not steal the whole bank, and rob it in a safer location.

A bank temporarily housed in a mobile home while a new building is built, looks like an easy target to break into. On the other hand, why not steal the whole bank, and rob it in a safer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Viktor S (au) wrote: Valve did go a little overboard on advertising their biggest game to date in this film (and who can blame them), yet they did give some very shocking and in-depth insight on the lives of professional gamers and how it's slowly becoming an actual career option. The other negative part of this film I would have to quote, however, is that there wasn't much history on professional gaming itself, just how popular it has become today and how big "The International" is in eSports history. As a DOTA 2 player myself, I was excited while watching this film, seeing into the lives of some of my favorite gamers and replays of some excellent professional DOTA 2 plays. For others who are not familiar with DOTA 2 or eSports in general, this may not appeal to you as much. You just want to know more about eSports, not DOTA 2. In conclusion, this is an excellent film for the targeted audience; DOTA 2 players. If you are unfamiliar with the eSports scene and it's history, however, you will be disappointed.

Erica K (au) wrote: I found this movie to be empowering, enlightening and frankly one of the best movies Ive seen in a long time. Shanola Hampton, Omari Hardwick and especially Elimu Nelson give ferocious performances that reminded me of why I love movies in the first place. The story is well scripted and the movie flows beautifully. I cried in the end because I was that moved by the written words of two of the characters. Beyond powerful. I would watch this again, and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a movie with real depth..

Dominik K (gb) wrote: Given its controversial title, "Flow" turned out to be a rather well-balanced documentary. It focuses on the often overlooked impact of water shortages or lack of its affordability in many poor and often densely populated rural areas. While the move focuses primarily on rural India, it also offers some engaging overview of the situation in the US. The principal argument is that first, the water should remain a public resources. Second, locally-managed water pumps sustained by recipient communities make clean drinking water both cheaper and more fairly distributed. As an example, the movie gives a community-run UV treatment facility, where 10 litres of clean drinking water per person per day can be obtained at less than $2 per year.To give a sense of balance, the movie features commentary by a former IMF official and the CEO of Vivendi - a water management business. However, those are often used simply to back producer's intention to vilify practices by MNCs such as Videndi, Suez or Nestle. A more-informed discussion of the benefits those companies bring would have been welcome. The movie also offers no discussion of severe under-pricing of water which in turn leads to overconsumption. There is also no discussion of the potential socio-economic benefits that dams can bring to the affected regions. Notwithstanding, the documentary was both very informative and stimulating. While a bit light on cost-benefit analysis, it will be appreciated not only by Development Economists by all those with broader interest in the world around them.Dominik Kania

Gabriel P (ag) wrote: Beautiful and delicate are two words to describe this small mexican masterpiece.

Philip L (nl) wrote: I have not seen the individuals movies that make up this 'double bill' and I understand that as separate entities they don't quite work. As a 'double bill' you're in for a whole evening's entertainment from zombie invasion to psycho in a car. The fake trailers make you wish they were real movies - which they eventually did become! A double bill that kills the double Kill Bill.

Dyron W (nl) wrote: Shameless fanservice: the movie.

Monika K (es) wrote: This movie was so strange. It was interesting to get a different point of view on life. But the whole movie was depressing and the ending wasn't even happy.

Meghan C (br) wrote: bordering on soft-core porn with no redeeming values except for humor over just how bad the plot is

Carson P (es) wrote: The film is actually pointless and stupid. It grows on you however, and its lurid mood seems to leave you wanting more.

Paul Z (it) wrote: The whole affair revolves around an unassuming gold-digger's stripping down to bra and panties for her unexpected outcome, lifted straight from Psycho, with some giallo baked into the center. Coppola took advantage of a Corman set, crew and cast already being used. Dismissed as drive-in drivel, this has a particular visual expressionism, lean plotting and economic use of atmosphere, really an ambitious beginner's shrewd and fresh overture on filmmaking and the business of family.

Greg W (us) wrote: not bad sequel to the 1973 smash hit