Bao jie: Qing qing

Bao jie: Qing qing


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bao jie: Qing qing torrent reviews

Bella S (us) wrote: OMG! okay at the part where he saw the uncle on the stairs, dead, I knew right away that the boy was Johnny. I knew that he would save them in the end-and he did! Not all the acting was great, reminded me of a soap opera kinda, but I still kinda liked it!

Sean C (us) wrote: It took a little while for me to warm to this baby but Id settled into its groove I found it a fun and worthwhile distraction from the generic types of movies that normally do the rounds.

Adam E (kr) wrote: Low key but loads of fun and a nice original take on the superhero movie. Michael is amazing as the shy, nerdy, social struggling lead and he comes of as so confused and nice that even when we see his delusions we still like him and want him to be helped. You wonder if hes more of a danger to himself than the criminals he targets. Mentioning to much about this would spoil what happens throughout the movie and its a movie that revolves around the premise of is this happening or not. Its shot in an almost documentary style with some amazing acting from all sides. It is all building to a rather downbeat climax with the suits who after beating the shite outta him then decide to........well thats a spoiler so i wont go there! The ending is quite nice thou a little unbelivable but in the context of the movie it works and you feel like if nothing else hes become a better person. A great little movie, refreshing and really enjoyable.

Gary C (kr) wrote: im watching this as i type this. nice compositions. slow moving. not in the mood to be patient right now. probably couldve watched and enjoyed this in the past but getting antsy. maybe i surf the net too much. just saw a pretty amazing shot of the dude recording sound on the train.

Andruw F (us) wrote: If it's your cup of tea, then you will like this movie.

Jake C (de) wrote: The only thing this film was lacking was someone saying they would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

Amarthiel O (nl) wrote: Long, and very good. Music is great, the actors and actress are great. Sad in some places and bound to make you cry but its a great film. Even Shah Rukh Khan sings and his voice is amazing

James H (au) wrote: What an amazing documentary. I have rarely seen a more detailed and precise biography, brilliantly edited together, incredible archive footage. The narration is excellent, well written. I was never bored for a second. What an amazing man.

Zachary R (us) wrote: This is a good movie in the final of the Mighty Ducks series. In this one we see The Mighty Ducks get excepted into Eden Hall Academy where they will have high school. The Mighty Ducks also find out that Gordon Bombay will no longer be their coach, which really hits Charlie hard most of all. When the Ducks get to the school, the new hockey team hates them badly, the school board is not in their favor and the new hockey coach Ted Orion is a achiever of excellence, which he uses to drive the Ducks hard. This leads the Ducks to hate the school and the hockey team for they start a whole bunch of pranks and wars with each other. The shinnanigans, play heavy on the Ducks, especially Charlie who in this movie goes through his own personal turmoil. Near the end they will face the schools current hockey team in a freshman, varsity showdown who will win. This movie has the fun and action like the first two and keeps up what everybody loves, plus with most of the original characters returning it is awesome. It's cool how the Ducks are older as well and go through there own problems. One of my biggest beefs with this movie though is how Charlie comes off like a whiner. Other than that though, I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

John P (ag) wrote: Aged samurai Isabura (Toshiro Mifune) has always been a peaceful man, blessed to live in peaceful times. He performs his duties, serves his lord to the best of his abilities, and does his best to avoid conflict. So when he is told that his son Yoguro must marry their lord?s disgraced former mistress, Ichi, he acquiesces. And to their surprise and delight, the young couple fall deeply in love. But when the lord demands his mistress?s return, it is too much even for Isabura, and he determines to take a stand, even great risk to his family and honor. I admit it starts rather slow, with a great deal of time taken setting up the plot and establishing the characters. At about the forty minute mark, things begin to pick up rapidly as the crisis comes and the lines are drawn. The middle act is a complex web of intrigue and test of wills as each side searches for an advantage and tries to outsmart the other. And when the action comes, it?s as breathtaking and tragic as anything in the annals of Japanese cinema. The courtyard battle is reminiscent of the best fights scenes in Yojimbo, and is only second best to the magnificent conclusion. Masaki Kobayashi has directed Samurai Rebellion with subtlety, grace, and emotion. He builds the tension slowly, then more quickly, and provides not one, but two climaxes. He keeps the audience guessing with unexpected twists, and it?s clear that he got the most out of everyone involved. The cinematography is excellent too. The stark black and white photography fits well with the movie?s feel. Mifune is of course Japan?s most famous and possibly greatest actor and this is among his best performances. He brings wisdom, compassion, and determination to his role, displayed unrivaled swordsmanship, and has a death scene that would upstage even Boris Karloff. He is almost equaled by ---, who plays Ichi. She pours herself into her character as a woman forced to bear sons for a man she does not love, then given a chance at happiness, only to see it torn away. Her plight will get the waterworks going for many in the audience. I won?t lie, there is no happy ending here, but the film is made more powerful for it. Kobayashi has created a masterpiece on par with all but the very best of Kurosawa or Ozo. This is a must see for any fan of Samurai films, or Japanese movies in general. And although Samurai Rebellion?s style, and the social structures it deals with are uniquely Japanese, its story of a peaceful man forced to great lengths in the pursuit of justice will resonate with audiences of any nationality.

Claire J (br) wrote: THE Best Carry On film. "Double OOO" ha ha ha.

Mark C (au) wrote: Not a great film, but the performance segments are amazing and could be easily be mistaken outtakes from "Amedaus". David Garrett can't act, but he sure as hell can play.

Alex T (ag) wrote: Civil War's writing is impressive not as a feat of artistry but as an engineering accomplishment. It's a testament to how skillfully that task is executed that the movie never feels leaden or tangled, despite the umptymillion characters it introduces and the endless reams of plot it's relied upon to unspool. In fact it's fun.