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Bao ma kuang xiang qu


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Ravi S (ag) wrote: A pretty entertaining movie, rocking the Pungra.

Dann M (it) wrote: Based on the legend of the Ninth Legion, Centurion is an action-packed historical thriller. After a devastating attack by the Picts a Roman governor sends the Ninth Legion into the northern territory of Britain to destroy the Pict tribe; but the campaign goes badly, leaving only a handful of survivors to struggle to avoid capture and make it back to the Roman lines. Starring Michael Fassbender, Olga Kurylenko, Imogen Poots, and Dominic West, the film has a solid cast. And it's beautifully shot, with sweeping landscapes and authentic looking costumes and sets. However, the violence is a little too gratuitous in its gore, and it takes a while for the story to get going. Overall, Centurion is a fairly run-of-the-mill action film and doesn't really have much ambition.

Eric H (kr) wrote: TZP is a film which combines emotions with real life situations and the outcome is mind- blowing. It delivers a great message and has opened eyes of millions of parents around the world. This film exceeded all of my high expectations and I came out satisfied after watching it. Darsheel Safary has done a great job as a child artist and his performance has earned him a handful of Indian awards. I really hope to see more of him. Aamir Khan is great as always as an actor, but has also done a excellent job as a director.I Highly recommend this film.

Joe J (fr) wrote: A rip off the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, some helpless teens accidentally stumble upon an out-of-the-way ranch run by a bunch of sadistic murderous family members. It wasn't that gory, the acting was lame, and the ending was so abrupt it seemed like the director just gave up, yelled "Cut!" and just ended the film. Unfortunately he should've done that in the first 30 seconds of the film.

Garrison R (mx) wrote: With this movie, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have done it again. It matches the South Park movie in pure satire and all-around crude charm.

Alexander Z (gb) wrote: While the film does over-romanticize Stander and his motivations, it raises interesting questions about why he did what he did.

Luke S (nl) wrote: Still a great movie, but not quite as exciting or affecting as the other Araki movies I've seen. Some of the more bizzare moments are really superb.

Michelle A (au) wrote: some of the weirdest, funniest dialogue ever. Soderbergh was really crazy back in the day. (thanks for the suggestion Celeste.)

Mike M (it) wrote: A fun 70's blacksploitation pic that plays well as a straight horror - sort of like a Kolchak the Night Stalker with a wah-wah peddle soundtrack - even without the all-too-obvious urban-for-the-sake-of-being-urban touches: including Blacula's name; how Blacula began as an African noble visiting Translyvania to gain support for abolishing the slave trade; how the white cops initially think the Black Panthers are behind the series of killings; Blacula's serious pork chop sideburns he grows during each transformation; and, how members of the urban club scene think nothing of a grown man walking around with a cape in 1972. Curiously, the film exhibits a tremendous amount of bigotry toward homosexuals, odd, considering it's a film helmed and produced by minorities struggling for equal rights. Not without its genuine shocks and creepy scenes. Better than expected.

Portia D (fr) wrote: Only watched the movie last nite after 10years....but i must say....Best Comedy Movie i ever watched!!!!

007 W (jp) wrote: It follows is a really good movie, it's not the same stupid or retarded horror movies that come out every year that always suck it's a lot more than that, it follows is definitely better than most horror movies that come out in theaters, this is exactly everything We want in a horror movie, I hope for more movies learn from this and understand now why it's succeeded

Alec R (nl) wrote: Dressed as sci-fi, but really it's 3 chick flicks combined into one storyline, creating a "where the sum is lesser than the parts" type effect.

Robby G (es) wrote: This movie is sooooo bad that it's good. Even good enough for 3 stars.

Eduardo C (es) wrote: The portrait of a serial killer, played by Attenborough, and a man unjustly accused of his wife's murder, played by the great John Hurt. Good film.