Barbie Diaries

Barbie Diaries

Barbie is starting her sophomore year and everything changes when she gets a special diary that grants her wishes.

Barbie is starting her sophomore year and everything changes when she gets a diary that grants her wishes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barbie Diaries torrent reviews

Eric M (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this. It was fun and the last act is great.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Very truthful, but we've seen this stuff a million times before. ***Spoiler Alert*** Mitch was such an idiot for dumping the coolest most beautiful girl in the world.

Frnk N (jp) wrote: oddly like Brokeback Mountain for hipsters. also my worst nightmare. great though.

Stle L (it) wrote: Much better than the Operation valkyrie with Tom Cruise

David Ray G (it) wrote: This movie is the definition of great independent american cinema. It's insane, fun, and one of the most well-directed music/band-related films. Great, non-simple performances and, generally, a must-see.

Claudia M (de) wrote: Nada mal, esta pelcula es una buena manera de comenzar a pensar porqu una pareja puede durar aos... o quebrarse. Interesante sin ser una maravilla.

Brea D (mx) wrote: I HAVE to read the book first before i can watch this one ...but its clear something has happened and something is happening..?!

Bethany A (mx) wrote: This is terrifying, lol. It's a good movie, but it's pretty disturbing.

Brett W (fr) wrote: Very good film. No one paid attention to Rafelson. Early roles for Schwarzenegger and Robert England if you can recognize him.

Rodney E (gb) wrote: The TV show is one of the best. Not all of the episodes were great but there were enough gems to justify the series being awesome. It captured the sleaze of the EC comics and featured a lot of recognizable actors as well as being directed and written by a lot of genre all-stars.

Charlie J (mx) wrote: A beautiful, haunting film, remade as 12 Monkeys.

Charlie E (gb) wrote: great funny movie. Some good songs. even the singer of the cranberries comes out singing in the background with the famous song of linger. few cameos of certain actors. any Adam sander movies are funny to watch.

Samantha H (it) wrote: one of my most favorete clive owen film! this is an example of how a film of the thriller grene should be! X

Sa W (ag) wrote: i badly want to give this my first ever 5 star rating. and still may later on. but for now, to keep this short, watch this movie. absorb it. learn from it. and see exactly how movies should be made from the plot, to the exposition, to the twists, to the performances, to the dialogue, everything. just see this film. now!

Dustin H (mx) wrote: I guess I'll have to settle for this instead of Netflix.Probably Mickey Rourke's best role.