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Or E (kr) wrote: One of the best Israeli movies ever made so far,Reshef Levy did a great job, picked a great crew (Patrick Stewart!!!), Sasson Gabai and Moni Moshonov (most of them are Israeli actors so you probably don't know them).The story is great, and i loved how the movie kept going farther with the plot.I am proud to be Israeli in times like this :)

Faley A (au) wrote: soul searching movie, but not that good.

Marilyn A (fr) wrote: Fantastic movie about FAITH!! Have faith, believe and it will happen!!! (TM)??

Emilly S (es) wrote: It brings Kikyo back into the picture. almost like a fanfiction movie.

Jose R (gb) wrote: Que se puede decir de un documental en donde actuan: Michel Camilo, Chucho y Bebo Valdez, Tito Puente, Chico O'Farrill, Eliane Elias, etc??? Creo que con los nombres basta para describir este maravilloso trabajo de Fernando Trueba

Vishal P (kr) wrote: The only Good thing about this movie is it has got Good looking girls. Movie is stupid. Script is a shit. The Main character fears to sing her song in stage,. But she can dance like a striper in bar, Its just ridiculous. And when Lights are off, She gets super power to sing. One of the worst Script ever, Dont waste your time on it

Denise A (ru) wrote: This is a good movie. A guy (Furlong) is an obssesed video game fanatic. He plays a game called Brainscan. Only problem is that it's really happening & he's carring out all the killings. Now he's on a mission to get rid of the game. INTENSE!

Lee (de) wrote: Remake of the 1983 movie "Mutant" by the same director. Quite surprising that Niko Mastorakis decided to remake his original version just 5 years after it was released, but it ended up being a worthwhile effort as it turned out very good! It's more violent and action-packed, whereas the original started off slowly with more suspense and atmosphere. Well worth watching if you enjoy the likes of "The Crazies" and "Nightmare City" or other films where people commit random acts of violence.

George B (de) wrote: Recently watched and amazed how well it's holding up. A little slow, but very cinematic and all the Kurosawa "goods" -- angles, composition,cutting-- still there in a living color.

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: mero Spaghetti western no se por que estas pelis me parecian una perdida de tiempo cuando peque y ahora se me hacen tan divertidas.No es una historia novedosa pero igual es muy chevere siempre el hombre "humillado" que busca venganza sera un buen tema

Mickael L (ag) wrote: Je l'ai trouv excellent! Je crois que c'est mon film prfr d'Abbott et Costello! Je le recommande fortement, j'ai ri du dbut la fin! Mme les 10 premires minutes sont rvlatrices sur le contenu!

Shin N (it) wrote: Watched in a class of Political Process at my uni days. Importance and grate mess of the right and courage to speak up, and never give up.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: Amazingly structured timeless anti-war movie by Kubrick. It has numerous classic scenes that have some splendor in them.

Exoti Essense D (jp) wrote: It's a good movie. Not top notche but I love action and their is action

Drake T (nl) wrote: It's unfortunate that the art style doesn't fit appropriately with the sophistication of the story because in all honesty, this movie embodies what it is to be "Superman" better than any other animated film featuring the character.The theme of idealism against the harshness of reality, of overcoming the means to an end with the unwavering hope in principle and morality. This movie's plot defines Clark's character and that's where it really shines.Unfortunately, there's just something unappealing and generally comical in the presentation of "The Elite" (design & voice acting), this combined with the juvenile art style takes away from the dark themes and ideas presented.Of course, the fight scenes and animation is still quite stellar. The explosive battles are all very fluid and full of dynamism.I think in the wake of Batman's popularity and that of vigilantes or dark heroes alike, this movie plays a pivotal role in reminding us that it's just as important to dream and strive for ideals.