Barking Dogs Never Bite

Barking Dogs Never Bite

An idle part-time college lecturer is annoyed by the yapping sound of a nearby dog. He decides to take drastic action.

An idle part-time college lecturer is annoyed by the yapping sound of a nearby dog. He decides to take drastic action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chad S (es) wrote: Pierce cross, perminantly. Too much slow-mo. An all-white cast. Very run-of-the-mill.

John N (au) wrote: It's good but not great

Eric F (ru) wrote: For what easily can be as sentimental and melodramatic as similar films in the genre like "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" or "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", "How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer" treats it's characters and it's audience with respect and dignity. This isn't another stereotypical Hollywood A.D.D. character piece that jumps from one gag to the other and relys only on cliches as development - this is a brooding film that completely pushes the limits of dryness to the point where i'm sure many people would find it unbearably boring. However, due to a really well written triad of characters in a daughter-mother-granddaughter combination, "How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer" exceeds traditional "chick flick" fare into something insightful and completely refreshing.The film starts with Dona Genoveva (Lucy Gallardo), a 70-year-old woman trying to scrounge up money to buy a car. Dona has never driven a car in her life, and only now does she start to get out and seek some adventure. Soon, her gardener, Don Pedro (Jorge Cerveva Jr.), offers to give Dona driving lessons and a very cute yet inconsistent relationship buds. However, things go awry as Dona's daughter, Lolita (Elizabeth Pena), strongly disapproves of her mother's new love interest. Lolita really doesn't have much room to be dictating the life of her mother, however as an audience we're let in to the fact that Lolita is nothing more than jealous.Lolita is romantically pursued by Jose Luis (Rick Najera), a co-worker at her butcher shop. She's kind to him, but doesn't take him seriously. The man that she does have interest in, Victor (Steven Bauer), wins a date after relentless persistence that ends up in a near-rape. While Lolita seems to be the most lost in regards to her love life, her daughter, Blanca (America Ferrera), seems to have things pretty figured out. She spends her time with Sal (Leo Minaya), a new boy in town. A lot of chick flicks either neglect men completely or raise them on a pedestal as prince charming. This film, however, is extremely smart in the way it handles the the male gender. Characters like Victor and Sal seem to be in constant pursuit of sex - and although Victor is fairly redeemable, Sal actually has intentions to start a relationship. The other two men, Don Pedro and Jose Luis, are both charmers and seem completely innocent. There's an odd scene where Blanca exclaims "is that all men want?" after Don Pedro had slept with her grandmother, but we realize that accusation is far-fetched. We believe Don Pedro does care for Dona. First time writer-director Georgina Garcia Riedel understands that in order to tell the most truthful story, every character must be fully realized and consistent. She strays away from cliches in what is essentially a very familiar genre."How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer" feels like taking a lazy stroll down the street during the summer. It's pace is incredibly slow and brooding, and it seems like each shot lingers 10 seconds more than it should. This requires a viewer with great patience. Personally, I was absolutely enthralled from start to finish, and I was only feeling that the film dragged a little bit towards the end. I very much enjoyed the side-story of the old men on the sidewalk talking about their old cars and their old girlfriends. There are some double-entendres where you're not sure which they're talking about, and it's not only very funny but it provides a lot of contrast to the women characters in the film. I've already mentioned it, but it must be restated - Riedel's film is so great because she knows she can't neglect a single thing. She gives every character a chance to have a voice. This is as fully fleshed out as a film in this environment can get.I thought this was an incredibly fascinating film that certainly shouldn't go unnoticed. The script is wonderful, and the performances are all top notch - particularly Elizabeth Pena, who I thought was absolutely extraordinary. I liked this a whole lot.

ld p (mx) wrote: I liked this movie. Please rent it and watch it!! It is more than a typical heist move. I could not find out much more about Director Enrique Urbizu on the net except he wrote the screenplay for the 9th Gate. In this movie the bank manager discovers papers in the bank lock box robbery (hence the name lock box 507) which related to his 16 year old daughters death 7 years earlier. It turns into kind of revenge movie. Its kind of slow getting to the point of how the ex police chief (who wants and needs the document) fits in. However the fathers search for the truth makes an interesting story though at times unbelievable. However the father's (Resines) quest and acting really drew me in.. This film does a good job of looking at corruption in a posh area of Spain. I also enjoyed seeing this part of Spain in the movie. The father (Resines) and the chief Rafael Mazas (Jose Coronado)both have pretty powerful roles in this movie!! The subtitles are nice clear and readable. I speak a lot of Spanish and love the clear crisp accents of Spanish in Spain. The chief Rafael Mazas (Jos Coronado) has such a great powerful voice, but his role in this movie is leans toward the typical villain corrupt cop. I give this movie a solid 3 (maybe even 3 1/2)stars of five. A Spanish Friend Fernando worked works on this movie as a line producer. (which is how I found about this [email protected]@)

Natalie W (it) wrote: I found this film irritating. I didn't think it was a comedic, and it just felt too awkward. Steve Martin is better than the movies he makes.

Holly D (nl) wrote: Tom Green keeps his quirkiness without being obnoxious in this film. I actually thought it was cute. Brooke Shields seemed to be laying it on kind of thick though and never seemed natural. I know it's a goofy comedy, but she was not good.

Adam C (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie when it first came out and when I say it was on Netflix I watched it immediately. It was pretty funny and all the characters were ridiculous.

Marta F (ag) wrote: this movie made me fall in love with elodie bouchez, and years later i had the privilege of working with her twice, and she was as wonderful in person as i had imagined.

Robert B (it) wrote: The Two Jakes is not the masterpiece that was Chinatown, but that doesn't mean it was such a poor film. The strength here is Jack Nicholson's performance, he plays his character well and his story is one of the reasons that keep you interested while watching this movie. I found the story to be interesting, however definitely not as original as the one in Chinatown, nevertheless I liked some of the scenes in Jake's P.I. office and those that occur around the city. This film does a decent job at atmospherically reconstructing post-war Los Angeles, so there's a certain amount of authenticity in that respect. Most of the roles besides Nicholson's are largely forgettable and there are few scenes which seem to be a bit overly melodramatic and out of place. Other scenes could have benefited from some more editing. Overall, you don't get that polished feel you had with Chinatown in this movie, Roman Polanski is not the director so this film does lack that masterful and meticulous attention to detail you often see with Polanski's work. The Two Jakes is a decent film, with a fine performance by Nicholson, it's not a film that's trying to be better than Chinatown, because it clearly isn't. However, for what this film is, it's good enough to watch the story continue in a well crafted post-war Los Angeles setting.

Spookie M (es) wrote: Hilariously bad. Plenty of wtf moments.

RON (de) wrote: the gunships have the movie