When things get crazy at the farm, it's up to a boisterous bovine named Otis (voiced by Kevin James) to save the day in this computer-animated tale. The animals in this barnyard sing, dance and party, but Otis's stern dad (Sam Elliott) warns the crew to keep their cool around humans. Troublemaker Otis rarely listens to his pop, but when the farmer disappears and the animals go nutty, the young cow realizes he must stop the madness.

Like the other animals in the barn, Otis the bull likes to sing and play while the farmer is away. Eventually, though, someone has to step in and run things, a responsibility that ends up going to Otis, a carefree cow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barnyard torrent reviews

Ryan H (us) wrote: Most absurd movie I've seen. Lots of great actors and a great director but no plot whatsoever.

Troy O (fr) wrote: Creepy this is a true story

wat w (de) wrote: Unfortunately just devolves into boring. Watched because of sunny in Philadelphia, so gave it a chance.

intuciic (ru) wrote: cheezy and pretty dumm movie... obviously full of banalities and clich!

Robert J (jp) wrote: A little pedantic and slow moving in some places, but overall, very good.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Mediocre final to the Sniper franchise, this fourth film is a bland, unimpressive to a series of films that never really stood out. The film's problem here is that, instead of developing on the third film, which was decent fun, Sniper reloaded just waters down the film's story, and in turn it becomes a tiresome, dull affair that never takes off. Add to that, poor performances and a sheer lack of wanting to make a good film by the filmmakers, and you have a final film that ends up being mediocre. There could have been many ways how they could have ended the series, and to be honest, I always felt that Sniper never needed three sequels. The film should have been a standalone feature because the material never had enough angles to really create an awesome series of films. Overall the films ranged from mediocre to decent, and as a whole the series is quite forgettable. Sniper Reloaded just lacks anything really entertaining, and it recycles the tiresome ideas and adds some bland performances that are highly forgettable. If you're going into this film expecting a great action film, you'll sadly be disappointed. The film is strictly for viewers who are diehard fans of the series, and even then, there are things that lack and won't satisfy genre fans. This film really could have been a fun end to a series of films that should have been something quite good. This is standard Straight to DVD stuff, a film that leaves a lot to be desired, and it shows in the final film, which just feels like a lazy, uninteresting action film.

Jonas R (gb) wrote: A very ordinary love story between a married man and the teacher of his only son. While the story is pretty uninteresting in itself the acting is exquisite! The dialog is thin and clumsy but that is also what is great about this story about two adult approaching one another in small and cautious steps. The words that never surface are instead expressed with perfect clarity in their acting. It is as beautiful as it is painful to behold the impossible love story unfold and see it to the bitter end.

Sarah C (jp) wrote: Another fab tinkerbell movie

Tawhid A (de) wrote: A movie of realization!!!! must watch it!!!!

Peter M (kr) wrote: Dispite its obvious low buget this is a pretty decent movie based on hardman Geoff thompsons book watch my back.

Dillon L (it) wrote: Some of the philosophy is nice, and Cuba Gooding Jr isn't totally useless in this movie, but the film is still pat and won't appeal to a wide audience.

Thomas P (br) wrote: Clever, absolutely hilarious and sweet.It's the Goldie and Steve show, give me a front row seat.Fun fact- Directed by the voice of Miss Piggy.Yes, Frank Oz is great, and let's the leads shine in each scene.You never know what will come out of Hawns mouth here.Awesome.Perfectly tailored for her here.And Steve makes the best of every moment, esp his character singing an impromptu song to his dad - I burst out laughing at that and for several things in this one.I LOVE this flick. Hilarious one-liners and great stories that get bigger and bigger and bigger, and get a sweet pay off at the end.It's all about a platform for the leads to get the most out of each situation.It's cute and floats along with a wink to all its cliches - those cliches, I suspect, are why no one else here liked it - but all I cared about were the things they did with the material.Brilliant.Especially on repeat viewings.Not to be missed.5

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: Confusing plot. Not very well made but everytime I watch it gives me the chills!

Stephen V (ru) wrote: This movie is awesome, and the fact that it was banned when it came out in the U.S. just goes to show the class nature of the state and of censorship.

John P (mx) wrote: Good ghost story, very underrated B-movie. The concept is not bad at all and, considering how conservative American society was back then, may have still felt novel. Most people who label it crap either know BIG's reputation for directing turkeys, only saw it with MST3K commentary or just can't look past a talking floating head. I honestly think if this were remade today with CGI and an updated script, it would do well at the box office and not receive nearly as much criticism as it does. Sure, the low-rent special effects may seem lame, but the mood and cinematography are impressive.Richard Carlson plays the tormented fianc quite effectively. Why he chose Meg over his mistress is beyond me (HAD to be the money); Vi was leagues hotter, with a voice like a hummingbird. The inquisitive little girl receives way too much screen time, but I liked the blind maid and the beatnik conman is hilarious. Great ending!