Little coastal town is being terrorized by deadly Barracudas.

Little coastal town is being terrorized by deadly Barracudas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rinaldo H (nl) wrote: badly written, badly paced, badly acted, badly delivered. the only redeeming quality is Spawn's overall design.

Jason V (br) wrote: At least as good as the 1st one.More everything!More Sharon Stone (as she wasn't in the 1st, that's pretty easy :D), so, more international, more Swiss (the character is half Swiss and his best friend Simon Ovronnaz is Swiss, although those things are never said in the movies, but there are a lot of scenes shot in Swiss, in Geneva and near, close to the Leman lake), more nature, more cash & ca$h, more asian, more aerian, more naval... and also a bit more faithfull to the great belgian comics series it is from.So, curious to see how they'll do more in the next one, without being too much.

Matthew E (it) wrote: Wow, watched only 10 minutes and it was full of holes and inconsistencies. Storming outside, next scene it's sunny out the window then storming again in the following scene.

Adam R (ag) wrote: One of the earliest Touchstone movies does not seem to have aged well, but it wasn't bad. An OK comedy with some funny moments from Judge Reinhold. (First and only viewing - 12/6/2009)

Robert D (au) wrote: Very interesting doc.

Grant S (it) wrote: Pretty feeble attempt. Is a made-for-TV movie, and definitely feels like it.

Max O (jp) wrote: The premise is funny, but a over-reliance on gore and childish jokes bring the film down.

Kelsy M (nl) wrote: you don't have to trust my rating, i saw it 22 yrs ago :)

Alex R (fr) wrote: Just brilliant, so much style

Damian J (it) wrote: An allright teen movie with great action.

Anne F (br) wrote: This comedy is bursting at the seams with British stars and makes fun in equal shares of those on all sides of industry - workers, managers and entrepreneurs. It showed how much the country has changed in 50 years, but I guess that in the idea "I'm all right Jack" some things never change!

Michael R (nl) wrote: Saw All Three Version's... Him, Her, Them Not Bad...

Lindsey L (ag) wrote: I felt like this would have been better made as an episode of Supernatural...oh wait, it was.

Austin A (jp) wrote: There are a good of funny parts. ok movie overall.