A group of friends are terrorized by a cannibalistic family while camping in The Black Forest of Germany.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:torture,   germany,   slasher,  

A group of friends are terrorized by a cannibalistic family while camping in The Black Forest of Germany. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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david s (gb) wrote: Trainspotters meet Groundhogs? The addicts' dreams come true - get stoned, get hooked, wake up in the morning and do it again - like getting your virginity back. But then the dark side casts its horrible shadow, and human nature reveals its ability to corrupt the already corrupted. From an apparently trivial plot and plagiarised concept, quite a gripping film develops. Like an annoying tune in your head, it resists the ff button, not just watchable, and not even enjoyable but definitely retentive, 'Repeaters' addresses real issues of teen angst and hopelessness. The trendy references are all there - right down to a respectful nod to a Masterpiece - the leery grin of Clockwork Alex at the end. We could enjoy more from this team.

Timeen (gb) wrote: I LOVE GIOVANNI RIBISI

Mima M (ag) wrote: Lud film, Carli glumi sam sebe xD

Valerie E (de) wrote: I liked it, but I didn't really enjoy the whole cheating on eachother and being okay with it thing.

Noel K (jp) wrote: An iconic Busby Berkeley film (my first) with the trademark dance numbers and camera angles/effects. It was educational to see the rampant sexism and sleaziness of Broadway (which I am sure still persists today). It is eerie to see some of Depression era conditions happening in 2011!

Greg W (ag) wrote: good caper/heist pic

Anna B (fr) wrote: I feel like Carnahan kinda shanks the third act, and completely bottlenecks the film with massive reams of energy-sapping exposition. If he'd given the script a few more revisions he could have realised that the mystery could have been slowly revealed over the course of the film instead of shoving it all in the mouth of Busta Rhymes and then explaining it even further five minutes later. The first two acts are beautiful and compelling, and then he explains everything, and you're not really left with much to think about.

Nir N (jp) wrote: This is the greatest movie I have ever seen. An amazing story. A diverse cast of characters. Entertaining writing. Superb actors. Great cinematography. I absolutely love it to death, I seriously recommend it.

Jake M (us) wrote: Hotel Transylvania (2012) - Is a movie that you'd think would be such a dull experience due to it's lair reveal plot but actually, it's surprisingly funny. It's fast paced animation, creative environments and cool character designs make this an enjoyable experience for what it is.The movie was directed by Genndy tartakovsky the same guy who made shows like "Dexter's Laboratory" & "Samurai Jack" and it definitely shows in the animation and humor. At times i do find the modern day references to be a little distracting as well as some of the character's whacking antics but overall i would say that there are more funny moments than stupid moments and that's enough for me to say that i think it's a fun spooktacular experience. (B)

Martin T (ru) wrote: I'd forgotten how many songs were in this, but as I soon as I heard them again they were quite familiar. However, they're not that great and one longs instead for the classic Vince Guaraldi themes. I was really touched by this movie as a kid... now, not so much. It is awfully melancholy for children's fare, though. Pretty dull at times, and not exactly the trip down nostalgia lane that I'd hoped for, but it's okay.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: It has an intriguing premise that could have led to a more original movie, but the result is just terribly predictable and full of clichs from beginning to end, especially in an awful third act that seems like a compilation of every horror movie clich you can think of.