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Barrio torrent reviews

Becky P (ru) wrote: An amazing mystery with dense characters and an immersive story.

Rudy R (fr) wrote: Crazy, absolutely crazy!

Thomas W (gb) wrote: Una pelicula que te enamora visualmente y te hipnotiza por su maravilloso verso. Una historia pasional, en la que el personaje de Joan Allen se enamora de nuevo en su cuarta decada y en un matrimonio que no funciono... los lios amorosos que implican un romance y un matrimonio. Padrisima... la verdad es que da gusto ver peliculas de este tipo aunque muy casi al final tiene carencias de ritmo y de repente se pierde un poco la fuerza que la pelicula habia agarrado al principio. Pero vale la pena verla, y para algunos, como yo, tenerla.

Manish S (it) wrote: A good French flick with a strong dose of Hitchcockian style - about a bickering married couple who take an unforgettable road trip that ends in psychological and physical mayhem, which oddly provides a resolution of sorts. The acting is superb, and the story is fascinating psychologically. However, the pace is sometimes quite slow and there are scenes that appear unrealistic. Overall, a good but not great flick.

Charles C (fr) wrote: Great movie Snipes was on top back then

John B (fr) wrote: Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn's farewell to the screen that provided so many wonderful memories is a jewel. A story of bonding through previous coldness. It is magnificent.

Alex S (de) wrote: Another fun gory italian zombie flick

Nathan D (br) wrote: The movie is one of the more famous portrayals of the Golem story, and while quite simplistic in its acting, effects, and storytelling, there(TM)s a look to the film that I really like. More girls today need to sport Miriam(TM)s long front pigtails. I(TM)m not sure why Wegener(TM)s Golem has that weird hairstyle (would that be considered a pageboy?), but it(TM)s become pretty recognizable.

Trinity C (de) wrote: Sounds nice. I like the anti-war element.

Dave A (ca) wrote: Classic shocker from 1968 unfairly condemned by the p.c. squad long before the term political correctness was even in use. Ok, it uses the term "Mongol" instead of "Down's Syndrome", but the Down's syndrome kid has a small part and his role is in no way insulting, maliciously conceived or patronising...Twisted Nerve is a tale of misfit Martin (played by Hywel Bennett ) who uses his knowledge of "simple" kids gained from visiting his Down's syndrome brother in a home to create an alternative personality. He becomes obsessively infatuated with Susan (Hayley Mills), and things start getting very creepy....Bennett and Mills are both fantastic, and while not quite as good as Peeping Tom, it is a comparable film.

William W (au) wrote: I quite enjoyed this musical remake of, though it's certainly no match for, The Philadelphia Story. Grace Kelly (in her final acting role), Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong are excellent, and Bing Crosby is quite good albeit miscast as Dexter. I found this in both Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly DVD boxed sets. Its two extras, the featurette Cole Porter in Hollywood: True Love and the cartoon Millionaire Droopy, were very enjoyable too. Highly recommended, even if you're not a fan of musicals.

Greg W (ru) wrote: god western despite the gimmicks

Jill R (ca) wrote: Crank is a terrific action thriller. I feel like this movie is quite creative,original and unique. Jason Statham did quite a good job here he was utter bad ass. The direction is good there's not much shaky cam which meant I could see what was actually happening. This movie is a non stop thrill ride from start to finish. Overall If you love action movies check out Crank you won't regret it. Grade A-

David M (fr) wrote: Oft-imitated but never bettered, this is the film that (to the best of my knowledge) launched Bruce Willis - back when he still had hair! - to movie stardom.It was also a tonal shift away from the action heroes of the early to mid 80s: here, John McClane is just the wrong man in the wrong place at the right time, rather than the one-man-army of either Stallone's Rambo or just about any of Schwarzenegger output! Bloodied and beat up by the end of the movie, Willis's McClean is perhaps more relatable than the likes of John Rambo: ironic, therefore, that later films in the series seem to turn him more and more into just that type of character!

Anson H (ag) wrote: It does repeat the original and is a quit unrealistic. But it's interesting and funny. I liked it.

Bryan C (fr) wrote: Yes, it's ridiculous, predictable, and at times, childish. Yes, it's not nearly as good as Wedding Crashers if you are looking for a movie about uninvited wedding guest hijinks. But if you don't take yourself too seriously, you might just have a good time. There were definitely times where I was laughing out loud in spite of myself. It's just fine for what it is.Grade: B

John A (br) wrote: I had difficulty finishing this film. The POV shot were annoying, and all the kills were predictable.