Pran and Gopal are traveling in a convertible in the Indian countryside but the car breaks down. Near Satpur they come across a village and rest there for a few days. While there Gopal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barsaat torrent reviews

Yuri B (mx) wrote: Like a reeeaaal dark version of Ocean's 11... it was actually surprisingly better than even I thought it would be.

Jonathan D (ca) wrote: Great Movie! Very good performance by Bill Murray, it does get a little too sentimental at times, but I really enjoyed it.

Latasha M (ag) wrote: I was on the edge of my seat through most of the film.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: So very well made, but so very hard and disturbing to watch. Experience at your own risk. But, it must be noted that this film is brilliantly conceived. Dark, grim and deeply disturbing.

Michael O (ag) wrote: Not a comedy! Depressing story of a troubled family.

Colin G (kr) wrote: Sadly despite looking good in every preview I've seen, this film wasn't really all that funny and not that much of a send up of American action movies. Had potential but failed.

jesse k (ca) wrote: This is a pathetic movie starring the pathetic "actor" Rob Schneider. This movie won't make you laugh but it will make you check your watch a lot.

Glenn M (ag) wrote: hmm, comedy? There was one or two funny parts, else this was not funny at all. Lame movie actually. If i didn't love movies i would never had watched the whole movie. Judd Nelson is doing a good act as a lawyer, so i give this movie 2 stars.

Jens R (nl) wrote: Stunning Japanese exploitation from the 70s. The film is about 7 women who escape from prison, and their lives as outlaws. Very brutal and very lyrical at the same time. The performance by Meiko Kaji is hauntingly beautiful; she really manages to convey soulful and poignant expressions of pain and despair with her disturbingly silent pantomine. The film mixes surreal, colourful montages, realistic & brutal vioence, eerie & panoramic landscape shots, and a very emotional soundtrack into one of the best, most epic and operatic revenge tales ever captured on celluloid!

Julio C (br) wrote: Es de esas pelis de monstruos que se vuelven graciosas con el paso del tiempo, si el guion hubiera sido menos acartonado, seguiria siendo buena hasta ahora.

Lauren P (fr) wrote: I love this movie! I have to find it on DVD!