Updated to 1970s London, this faithful adaptation of Herman Melville's classic follows a young accounting clerk rebelling against his employer by responding to demands to do work by saying, "I prefer not to." This is carried on ad absurdum until the office is in chaos because the other employees must do Bartleby's work. His boss is unable to fire or help him and eventually has him placed in a mental hospital.

Updated to 1970s London, this faithful adaptation of Herman Melville's classic follows a young accounting clerk rebelling against his employer by responding to demands to do work by saying,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rex S (it) wrote: Awful movie. Not the least bit entertaining and an implausible, incoherent mess. Duvall is fine as usual but the story is ridiculous to the point of absurd.

Heather M (kr) wrote: This was a simple movie with a sweet story and a very happy ending.

Rudy M (br) wrote: Man On A Ledge is the directorial debut of Danish filmmaker Asger Leth as far as feature films go. He made a half decent, mildly entertaining movie, somewhat of a throwback to well-rounded '80's and '90's heist movies mixed with what could have been a double episode of "Leverage".The first forty minutes or so are the strongest. You get to meet the main character, Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) and get a sense of his problem, but you don't know exactly what it is. Bit by bit pieces of information are revealed and the story picks up some pace. The premise is more interesting than the execution, though, and some of the slower moments give you enough time to realize that some scenes are downright silly.Most characters in this movie do not need a lot of back story; they are the stereotypes that are easy to portray. Elizabeth Banks portrays detective Lydia Mercer and while her short back story lent itself for some interesting film, it was only briefly used. Cassidy's accomplices are his father (William Sadler), brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and Cleavage Girl, err, Joey's girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez).Despite these facts, the movie never dragged nor did I feel like it was a waste of my time. It didn't feature any 'wow' moments either, so I'll rate it mediocre at best.Some critics have dared to utter the unforgivable words "this movie should have been made in 3D". What were they thinking??? Nothing ever in a movie is better in 3D. Period.Pros: Mildly entertainingCons: Flat characters, mediocre at best.Verdict: Okay

Steven A (ru) wrote: A total waste of time & money. It made no sense. What's the point of a rock star off-ing himself in a studio & sacrificing a girl in a stupid ritual only to come back and inhabit another do what? Commit suicide again and do it over? Dumb, dumb, dumb. And if he wants to come back, why commit suicide in the 1st place?

Jase W (mx) wrote: Too many meaningless characters a confusing pointless plot with a failed attempt at a shocking plot twist at the end.It's a movie with no star

lisa p (au) wrote: this movie is all rite. i know every line in this movie.

Megan S (ag) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie. I admit I did have to start it over once about 10 minutes into the movie because I wasn't really paying attention and so I didn't know what was going on. The character of Johnny did make me uncomfortable though with how posessive and pushy he seemed to be. It certainly wasn't a brilliant movie but it was quirky.

Robert M (us) wrote: "IT'S A TRAP!" The more powerful Death Star is destroyed and peace is restored to the galaxy. Return of the Jedi may not have been quite as good as the others to me, but it still had some of it's classic moments like the others overall. The very end was quite an amazing highlight of the film as it refers back pretty nicely to the prequels (or it can at least remind you of them). A good conclusion to one of the most well know sagas of all time. I would probably have to give the entire Star Wars saga and even it's merchandise that I have enjoyed in life (video games, toys, etc.) a full five stars. Episode VII is said to come out in December of 2015. It will be quite interesting (and maybe even a little suspicious) to see what Disney will do.

Tom Y (kr) wrote: Oh my, what have I gotten myself into? This is a rather strange film by well-known British director Ken Russell, and what a strange introduction to the director this is for me. The film is a loosely based biography on 19th century composer Franz Liszt in which he's portrayed as a sort of modern day rock star, Liszt is played by Roger Daltrey of The Who fame and he does a good job in the role. Speaking of rock stars, we also get appearances from the Beatles singer Ringo Star, as the pope, and Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, as an idiotic, cyborg Thor who also composes the films music which is mostly "up-to-date" versions on the works of Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner, the films antagonist and another 19th century composer. This is a really strange flick but it's not unwatchable by any means. On a side note, you better get used to the image of a penis because you'll be seeing it a hell of a lot.

Ryan W (de) wrote: A laughable comedy however not laugh out loud funny. You'll get some small giggles here and there. I did like how they stayed true the parody form like in Scary movie where they have one main story line and have a few other goofs of other horror films. Fun for a watch but you'd be better off watching the first two Scary Movie's.