Bäst före

Bäst före

When Bosse, Anders and Lennart wins a small amount of money on horseracing they decide to take a cruise together. Old friendship gets tested when Bosses teenage love, Anna, appears on the boat.

Bäst före is the story of three swedish men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (br) wrote: Helen Mirren's performance is matched by the fantastic screenplay and the cast around her. Full review later.

Jeffrey L (fr) wrote: So in this 4th, completely uneeded and unasked-for entry in the Prophecy series, a girl gets her hands on a mythical ancient book called the Lexicon, which is currently writing by itself, and its writing the continuation of the Book of Revelations. Because she has this book, a body-hopping demon is after her, so he can get his hands on the book and find out what's to happen so he knows what to change in order to defeat Satan and take over Hell for himself. However, Simon, back from his death in the very first movie, is around to help the girl survive. Also in this movie is a cop and his new partner that are following the trail of dead bodies that the body-hopping demon is leaving behind.This movie I'm torn on. There was lots I loved, but also lots I hated, and even though I don't hate the movie overall, I do feel that the original three movies made a perfect trilogy, and there was no need for this one.I'll start with what I liked. I loved how this was the complete opposite of the first three movies. In the first three movies, it was about a band of rebelling angels that wanted to take over Heaven, while this one is about a rebelling demon that wants to take over Hell. Actually, the only Angel in this movie is Simon, and we don't even get to see him, we only hear his voice in the main girl's head. Some of the twists in this movie, I actually didn't see coming. Sure, some I did, such as the cop's new partner actually being an Angel (It spent half the movie heavily hinting at that anyway. It wasn't really a big shock when it was revealed), but then the end of the movie hits us with a twist that makes up for that - That 'Angel' actually isn't an angel but Lucifer himself in one of his human forms. One of his crew is acting out of line and causing problems, so he comes to Earth himself to take care of it. It was really surprising, and actually really interesting, to find out that Lucifer is actually the good guy during this entire movie. And after that's revealed, I loved the talking between him and the rogue Demon - it felt just like the original Prophecy movies at that point. Oh, and the acting was better then I expected it would be for a direct-to-video sequel.However, there is also lots I don't like. Main one being this movie is SLLLLOOOOOWW and very boring, even for someone like me that loved the first movie despite being really slow. The scenes where the Demon is hopping bodies and chasing after the girl were interesting and fun, but they don't happen very often, and the last 10 minutes was good. But apart from that, nothing even really happens in this movie other then lots of talking, most of it mundane unimportant stuff, just to pad out the runtime. And while the side characters were actually developed quite well, the MAIN character herself wasn't. She had even less development then the characters in Prophecy 3, and I didn't even think that was possible. Also, I hated the twist that the cop and main character were actually brother and sister. It was a stupid twist because nothing during the movie even hinted at it. I like twists where, when you go back and re-watch the movie, you can pick up subtle hints here and there that you missed upon first viewing (Such as the oen of the new partner being Lucifer - when i re-watched the movie, I picked up on several small hints), but this one there was NOTHING. Just bam - Oh, by the way, she's your long-lost sister. It wouldn't have even been so bad, had there been a point to it, but there wasn't. 5 minutes after finding that out, the cop gets killed and it has no bearing on the movie whatsoever.So while this is easily the weakest in the series, and the one with the most problems and complaints, it still has lots of good things as well, and some very interesting ideas. However, unless you're a die-hard fan of the series, I suggest just sticking with the original trilogy and not bothering with this one.

Chavon M (de) wrote: I love this movie oh so much

Jeffrey M (it) wrote: "They look at you and they see what they want to be. They look at me and they see what they are."Fascinating, absorbing, penetrating, tragic, and brilliantly rendered, Oliver Stone's Nixon is a mesmerizing film. The film is a non-linear retelling of Nixon's life, centering on his final year in office. Through flashbacks we see how his tumultuous life, full of successes and failures, shaped his character, and defined his political career. It's an interpretation of history, certainly, but one that feels all too real.The success of Nixon hinges largely on the central performance by Anthony Hopkins. His portrayal is nothing sort of masterful, embodying a man with a tortured soul. His Nixon is isolated, conflicted, insecure, paranoid, and yet ambitious and capable of enormous resilience. Through this performance, we fully realize the inner turmoil, feel the heartbreak of his upbringing, and begin to understand an incredibly complicated man. His constant ruminations on death, his obsession of living in JFK's shadow, all of this is true to the time. Intimately familiar with the inner workings of the intelligence establishment and the military industrial complex, we understand his paranoia, with its overt overtones to the Kennedy assassination and a sort of secret government behind the scenes. As history, Stone's Nixon seems to largely hold up. Like his brilliant JFK, there are composite scenes and characters, yet the researched nature of the film is clear. Nixon was flawed, of course, but also audacious in his maneuvers. The result is a tenure that yielded countless blunders, yet also a number of notable achievements. The allusions to the "bay of pigs" thing is most certainly a callback to the JFK assassination, with Nixon obviously knowing much more about the events of that tragic day. As Roger Stone's work, Nixon's Secret details, this was the basis of his later pardon. The treatment of Watergate, however, does seem to have some flaws. While it shows Nixon as aware yet in-over-his head, with an inclination toward abuse of power, Stone fails to see the larger reality that Watergate was undoubtedly a sort of set-up of Nixon, a deliberately botched scheme to bring him down. Ultimately, though, it was the cover-up that brought Nixon down, not the act.The direction by Stone keeps the film, at 3.5 hours, always engaging and energetically paced. His choices for casting are brilliant, and the script is intelligently written and nuanced. The flashbacks and constant changes of camera angles, a hallmark of Stone films, does occasionally get overdone, yet this is done for a purpose, as if to convey Nixon's frantic inner-self, never at ease with his situation, himself, or those around him.Overall, it's a thrilling look at one of the most prominent and interesting political personalities of the 20th century.4.5/5 Stars

MumZie M (kr) wrote: it a awesum movie my ex is in it

Zoe S (mx) wrote: Was not as good as i thought it would be... it had a really good built up but the ending was disappointing... could have been so much better... thought Marc Warren played the part of Dracula well....

Ishka B (ag) wrote: Bill Murray is brilliant as usual. Peter Boyle is a joy. A movie to watch over and over again.

Courtney W (de) wrote: Eagle...Egypt...Easter Bunny... Easter Parade!!M-E-A-T M-A-C-H-I-N-E...Meat Machine! Meat Machine!

James O (jp) wrote: Devil Times Five is one weird movie. It's basically your standard killer kid flick, but with five kids, all with unique trademarks. David is an egomaniac (who's also hinted at being a cross-dresser), Brian is a military nut, Sister Hannah is a nun, Susan loves fire, and Moe loves fish. Brian was my favorite, and I really enjoyed his ways of setting up booby traps. Most of the adults are unlikeable except a select few, so it's not too heart-breaking when they die. Now, what's creepy about the kids is that (besides the fact that one is a nun and another wears a military uniform) they're just normal kids. Usually, killer kids are portrayed as cute, but there's something sinister about them. Here, they're not cute, they're just regular kids. The casting in this movie was perfect, as everyone fits their role very well (There's even a young Leif Garrett as David). However, I felt there were too many slow-motion scenes which made the movie drag in places (one lasted a good five minutes). The editing, slow-mo scenes, and minimal gore make Devil Times Five look and feel like a made-for-TV movie, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its merits.

Jacob P (nl) wrote: You know, when you hear about a movie called "The Nun" about a killer nun's spirit that can only be summoned by water with a tagline saying "Not all water is holy" and crawls out of the toilets to kill you and copies a scene from The Twilight Zone's "Nightmare at 20,000 feet," you'd think it would be a pretty horrible movie. But it was suprisingly descent for it's genre, an I had a good time watching the film.

GirlMelody L (br) wrote: Okay...I am a musical fanatic but Brigadoon couldn't hold my attention. I watched it but I wasnt "loving" it. Nevertheless, I love Gene Kelley so I will watch!

Steve G (es) wrote: Enjoyable 1948 film-noir piece (black and white) about the LAPD's dogged pursuit of a very clever cop-killer.

Brian S (mx) wrote: Except for a cluncky, weird and questionable ending, "Insidious" is a very good demon movie, definitly one of the best since the 2000's. For a modest budget, James Wan really did a good job at delivering a lot of scares and compitent horror filmmaking. This movie also uses a lot of shadows and darkness, something that hasn't been seen in modern horror movies for a will. Anyways, spooky flick and recommended !!

Paul D (gb) wrote: Everyone in here gives a great performance, but this movie was just so damn boring. Margot Robbie is someone who I think I will always be a fan of. She has tremendous talent and is built for movie screens. This movie just didn't hold my interest as much as I wanted it to.