Bastardi II

Bastardi II


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Bastardi II torrent reviews

Greg W (it) wrote: good heist/caper black comedy from the land down under.

Timm S (it) wrote: Wasn't All Bad..I Enjoyed It For What It Offered. But That Wasn't All That Much, Unfortunately..

Aidan H (mx) wrote: The Swedes have cornered the market in cerebral and nuanced horror movies of late and Babycall's mix of parental guilt and psychological drama is another taut and layered mystery from the country that gave us Let the Right One In and the Millennium trilogy. Ms. Rapace makes for a believably anxious mother (whose paranoia hides a truth more shocking than the script initially lets on), imbuing the often confusing plot with humanity and painting a stark portrait of a woman at the end of her rope. While its not as dramatic as such movies as The Sixth Sense, Babycall's reserved approach still makes for a subtly unnerving chiller.

Annalyn D (au) wrote: On the case it said that it was about a geisha who housed a samurai. She wasn't a geisha, she was a prostitute, and the person they really focused on was not a samurai. English subtitles are annoying. Other than the translators lying, I loved the film.

Zachary M (ca) wrote: With only a few changes from the original script, we get Alien 3. Well at least that what it feels like. If you've seen the original there's really no need to see this one. But it does go on to be a perfect example of never judge a director by his first outing. Cause if you did, we'd never have gotten gems like Seven, The Social Network, and Gone Girl. Everyone deserves a second chance people.

Aaron (fr) wrote: This is almost slapstick funny! Really worth seeing over and over again!!

Kiel C (kr) wrote: A Christmas classic 20 minutes too long.

Mio G (mx) wrote: helt ok fr att vara 31 r gammal.

Jude S (jp) wrote: ONE OF MY ALL TIMES FAVS

Rick W (us) wrote: movie was a letdown being a huge bowling fanatic, first 20 mins or so are funny then it just really sucks.

Hardy H (de) wrote: A Movie with an interesting concept, a so so plot, not so great of an execution, and a terrible ending. All and all, not much point is made and a whole lot of opportunities were missed. it could've been a metaphor for energy crisis, or animal cruelty issue (brew and "milk" human like modern day slaughter house)Ethan Hawke essentially phoned in the performance, and While Claudia Karvan is an attractive actress, she plays it like she's in a tv show (and she is a tv actress).

Robbie H (de) wrote: Shaun of the Dead is one of the greatest British films ever made. Whilst using an overused American genre it still manages to stand out as a classic due to it's dark/outrageous British humour and parody of George Romero films. It most definitely is a parody but not a complete spoof like Austin Powers because this film has it's genuinely scary horror moments that tribute and pay homage to the of the Dead film series. Shaun is an everyday nobody that just wants the best for his relationship with Lizzy, meanwhile a zombie apocalypse has infected the local English suburbs. That plot may sound typical and bland but fortunately Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg understood that British comedy would put the premise in a world of it's own. I think that if this film wasn't such a rib tickling comedy it would lose itself in the sheer quantity of zombie horrors at the time. It has can have entertainment value for nearly every movie goer such as gore fest horror fanatics, comedy cravers and romantic silver tonged devils. And if that doesn't appeal to you then there is of course the ravishing Kate Ashfield as Liz. It isn't perfect though, the CGI makes the blood look too comic and slapstick and the film felt a little too short, I'm sure they could of expanded on Shaun as a character and his life as a whole. Overall it's a funny British classic and the perfect marriage of horror and comedy.