Batalha dos Guararapes

Batalha dos Guararapes

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Batalha dos Guararapes torrent reviews

kevin s (jp) wrote: Brilliant,Alexander Payne rocks! Bruce Dern is great but for me June Squibb has some of the best lines.

Ben P (jp) wrote: The acting is admittedly poor. But the film it's self I really enjoyed. It's a bit similar to Battle Royale in some ways. A crime boss collects a group of children gifted with fighting skills. She takes them to a remote island where she trains them into elite killers. When the time is right she sets them on each other, needing only the best of the best. The cop in charge of tracking the crime boss down falls in love with one of the assassins.

Lucretia G (au) wrote: Ving Rhames as a drag queen!

tomato f (gb) wrote: Difficult to watch, but necessary. A drug movie that looks at different forms of addiction, aging, and loneliness. Pacing slips a little towards the end.

andrew p (jp) wrote: very interesting i kinda liked it he went to hell to save his girlfrined form the hellcop and the devil

Brandon D (it) wrote: terrible acting, very low budget, and the music was so loud on the one scene u couldnt hear the dialogue, not that it was any good anyhow. the gangster rock song makes me want to kill myself. almost as bad as rocktober blood

Ian C (gb) wrote: Worth watching for McConaughey and Paxton. As always Powers Boothe is the balls. Although I copped it early on. The twist is great.

Matt C (fr) wrote: Tom Hardy is great but for me this just isn't a cinematic experience. Feels like an Actor's workshop for most of the duration and at 85mins I was checking my watch. As a one off hour long drama I probably would have loved this but it just ins't a film.

Betaida A (jp) wrote: Wow, what a strong movie to watch...