Japanese spymaster Prince Daka operates a covert espionage organization located in Gotham City's now-deserted Little Tokyo which turns American scientists into pliable zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean G (de) wrote: A solid follow up to the events of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV series. Many critics mistake this as a squeal to the 1995 film, although both of these are entirely different. This follows up just as Major leaves Section 9 in 2nd Gig, but later becomes reunited when a hacker begins to take over. The only complaint I have is that the ending borrows heavily from the first 1995 film, which is why people often get confused. In fact, its actually referencing that the villain (SPOILERS) is actually some form of the puppet master. Even the last line of the film (which I won't spoil) is a reference to the 1995 film. If you are a fan of the series, give it a watch. Yoko Kanno's futuristic soundtrack returns and its better than ever. The animation gets taken up a notch from the TV series and even Nissan chipped in with some futuristic concept cars.On another note, I noticed that they give the lamest excuse for the return of the tatchikomas. Its literally "Hey, we found them on the internet."

Bluepanther (fr) wrote: This movie was AWESOME!

James S (de) wrote: A fine dose of 80s horror cheese but be warned its not for everyone.

Eddie S (es) wrote: Peter O'Toole is great in this movie. Ms. Hemmingway did pretty well too.

John A (kr) wrote: Call me the 31% I remember this when I was a kid and I use to watch it all the time. It does have that nostalgic feel torwards it. Its a clean stupid comedy horror movie what else can anyone ask for.

Paul R (mx) wrote: Some of the action scenes are jaw dropping. No CG here. For a 60s western, it doesn't paint the native Americans as harshly as other films. Also, it's humorous to see the 20-30 year age discrepancy between love interests.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Not a terrible film, just mostly forgetable. Powell, however, was great.

Andy W (jp) wrote: Teen love set against a relentlessly bleak backdrop is a bit like looking for comedy in "threads".