Battle Cry

Battle Cry

The dramatic story of US marines in training, in combat and in love during World War II. The story centres on a major who guides the raw recruits from their training to combat. Based on the novel by Leon Uris.

A group of young Marines have adventures in love and war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Battle Cry torrent reviews

Andrei D (ca) wrote: Come for the Chastain, stay for the politics

Ryan S (us) wrote: A brilliantly clever film with outstanding performances from the entire cast.

Glenn C (ca) wrote: Most people who have had film conversations with me know that I LOVE Rolf de Heer. I think he's one of Australia's best and most important filmmakers. He never makes the same film twice and they're always unique. His films include Bad Boy Bubbdy, The Tracker, Ten Canoes, The Man Who Read Love Stories & Alexandre's Project... and then there's Dr Plonk! De Heer throws back to the silent era of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplan with this fabulous silent feature filmed with an old style crank camera, giving the picture a classic vintage authenticity. The slapstic is nostalgic and probably wont amuse many people under 30... but its good clean humour. All players are wonderful and the real show stopper is Tiberius, a pint sized dog with a flare for theatrics. He's hilarious!!! Hopefully it's not a hard title to come by and I would hope that most video stores stock it... go check it out.

Michael M (ca) wrote: Its always been hard for me to get past just how dispicable Baumbachs characters always are. Also, is it just me or does he have some obsession with sexual dysfunction?

Mallory A (kr) wrote: Neve gives her best performance, though it doesn't shine bright enough to be a reason to see this turd.

Ben H (mx) wrote: nowhere near as good as the first film. Ruined the concept

Harry W (de) wrote: Maximum Risk is deemed by critics to be one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's best films, and teaming him up with Natasha Henstridge sounds like a good plan.But like the title of Jean-Claude Van Damme's earlier action piece, that was a Wrong Bet. Maximum Risk is a generic effort on behalf of director Ringo Lam. Considering he is a critically acclaimed filmmaker for such pieces as the Reservoir Dogs-inspiring City of Fire, he really doesn't consider what he can offer Maximum Risk apart from some great action, and so what's left of it is a generic action thriller with a basic story and series of dynamics that really could have been directed by anyone. Maximum Risk barely does anything to set itself apart from the standard Jean-Claude Van Damme action piece, since it has a basic plot and several simple errors. The story doesn't supply anything new to the table, except that it uses a notable female lead this time instead of just another attractive woman taking her one shot at a slight chance of fame without having much of a chance to succeed.Natasha Henstridge's role in Maximum Risk makes it slightly better because she's a decent actress and is notable for her work in Species. And like in Species, she takes her top off to the satisfaction of many male viewers to reveal her exquisite breasts. So she is a genial presence and has a convincing performance to her.But like I said, all Maximum Risk can supply is minor visual appeal. Jean-Claude Van Damme does a decent job, but his talent moreso comes from what he can do to show off his body, the same way it comes from Natasha Henstridge does. Except that Jean-Claude Van Damme uses his martial arts skills to fight for some great action. Although the action scenes are largely overcome by the rest of the dull plotting in Maximum Risk, he manages to kick some major ass in some awesomely choreographed action sequences. They're filmed and edited well, using camera techniques like the Dutch angle to perfect the visual please. And surprisingly it works. The action in Maximum Risk isn't conventional, it's quite entertaining, and that's the key thing that separates the film from other Jean-Claude Van Damme efforts of less success, such as Death Warrant or the aforementioned Wrong Bet. Some of the action moments are memorable, such as the film's climax in a meat locker, so Maximum Risk does maintain its own sense of strength in one way.Much of the supporting cast don't supply anything though, in particular Jean-Hugues Anglade who really is an inexperienced actor because his basic line delivery is overthrown by his slightly over-the-top physical movements which are out of tune with his dialogue. All he supplies is that he looks vaguely like Dustin Hoffman.So despite the presence of talented leads and some fight scene, Maximum Risk falters under a boring story with a monotonous pace and a lack of directional effort from Ringo Lam.

Stephen C (de) wrote: Michael Dudikoff ,star of American Ninja,kicks so much ass in this movie you might as well call him chair-foot.This is one of those classic 80's action movies you don't see much stylistically anymore. As in the type of movie where everybody takes a thousand hits,but still manages to keep all there teeth and get away with stitches above the eyebrow. Tis is what I love in american action movies. Leave the car races and high-budget disaster at the front door.

Ryan C (de) wrote: If you don't know what this movie is....then you're a normal human.

Max T (us) wrote: Would definitely recommend looking up what happened at the Altamont Speedway concert before watching this.

Tom H (kr) wrote: One of the best in the series!

The Movie G (mx) wrote: Odd and unique at the same time , great independent film. A must see. I give it a 91%

Scott M (it) wrote: Movie about the first black deep sea diver in the U.S. Navy. Some of it was good. Not enough to make me like it. The racism was really bad and its sad that he had to go through that. That's really all I got from it.

WS W (fr) wrote: Cheesy, old-fashioned.

Jacob B (br) wrote: Ice Age is arguably the best film in the franchise as the fact that its the first film would suggest (Most sequels never manage to live up to the first film). The animation looks good (albeit crap when compared to later animated films including the sequels to this film), its funny, Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel steals the show, and the film also has a few touching moments at times. To cut a long story short, Ice Age is generally one of the most entertaining computer-animated films of all time which Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar or DreamWorks Animation had no involvement in whatsoever.

Brian P (kr) wrote: Basically a plotless movie that is still a lot of fun. Richard Pryor will be the most recognizable face in the movie in a huge ensemble cast that will take you on a journey back to the 1970's. Don't take it too seriously and enjoy the ride through the carwash and maybe have fun to see if you can recognize all the players in the cast.