Battle Ground

Battle Ground

Three British soldiers find themselves stranded in No Man's Land after a failed charge on the German Trenches. Set in France 1916.

When an allied charge on the German lines goes horribly wrong, one man finds himself stranded in No Man's Land. Reuniting with two other survivors, together they must help each other as they charge into the unknown across the muddy wasteland as the Germans quickly hone in on the desperate trio. Tensions rise between the soldiers as they are surrounded by explosions of grenades with the constant rattle of machine guns in their ears. Time is running out as they make their way back over enemy lines as an impending attack could soon take them out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John N (fr) wrote: An decent documentary about some really fun films.

leigha s (de) wrote: wow that movie is awesome

Robert H (br) wrote: Depending on which version you watch (theatrical or producers cut) this film can take on a very different feel. In the theatrical you get lots of gore and action while in the producers cut you get a film more akin to the first Halloween. Either film though... might be the worst of the franchise. Instead of just a serial killer who's pure evil we get some kind of "Satanic" cult and black magic story. Loomis makes his final return RIP Mr. Pleasence and we get a lot of grown up versions of previous characters or people related to previous characters. While I do enjoy both versions of the film for different reasons (see opening sentences) neither really do the franchise any justice. They turn a great and ominously scary character and just turn him into a mystical puppet. While that does lend itself to messages about society etc. it's not really what fans were looking for.

Brynn H (au) wrote: did not really see the point...

Martin T (ag) wrote: Another Demy/LeGrand/Deneuve collaboration, this time a fairytale in the "Cinderella" vein. Magic, fairy godmothers, incest, a donkey that shits jewels, a helicopter, gorgeous colors and costumes, and Catherine Deneuve strutting about wearing an animal carcass. The end result is very charming with a mischievous surrealist bent. A couple of the songs are forgettable, but others are truly wonderful. Ought to appeal to any fan of La Belle et la Bete (it evens stars Jean Marais).

John Y (it) wrote: Great, classic film. A must see.

Richard S (ru) wrote: More of a curiosity than a great film in its own right, the new restoration Indian-German co-production looks fantastic. There are lots of odd culture-clash moments. For example, the sets are very influenced by German films of the day and underneath the gorgeous costumes, the characters' morality is very Western. The acting is more realistic than what is normally found in silent film, but the new score is iffy. It plays too safely. It doesn't use enough Indian instruments. Regardless, this will be of interest to silent movie buffs.

Russell H (ru) wrote: I liked it. Banderas was awesome.

Seth C (nl) wrote: Smart and delightful, Bad Words is a very funny movie. Jason Bateman delivers a fun and heartfelt performance. Defiantly not a film for the kids. The movie will have you constantly laughing.

Kenneth B (fr) wrote: Song for Marion is very moderate in terms of the way it is made and how it tells its story. The main strengths are Arteton who is infectious in the supporting female role and Stamp who plays the crotchety old man very well, perhaps because he is a crotchety old man. There are few surprises but it knows its audience and it plays to that audience well.