A futuristic sci-fi adventure begins after the destruction of their Universe. With a militaristic race of modified humans in hot pursuit Colonel Mara Shryyke finds herself stranded on an inhospitable planet and discovers a weapon of mass destruction set to destroy her home planet in less then 42 hours!

A futuristic sci-fi adventure begins after the destruction of their Universe. With a militaristic race of modified humans in hot pursuit Colonel Mara Shryyke finds herself stranded on an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick C (kr) wrote: One of the worst movies of 2017! The Bye Bye Man is one of the most atrocious and idiotic horror films I've seen in my life, and the only thing going "Bye Bye!!" are everybody involved in this movie!!! 0/5 stars!

Tams M (de) wrote: Such a quiet film.. but it's nice to watch. Some of the shots are really amazing. Sadly it wasn't able to reach my expectations. Except the acting of Marton Csokas which really funded the mood, and finally a movie where the hungarian accent just works perfectly!

John B (fr) wrote: enjoyable Christmas story with this cast of dogs and charming story for the kids and family to enjoy

Daniel A (mx) wrote: An exercise in an enjoyment becoming a burden.

Linds D (ag) wrote: Seen it and I have it!!

Marc L (ag) wrote: On sait que les loup-garous sont toujours les metaphores de quelque chose (de la puberte dans "Ginger snaps", d'une forme maligne de schizophrenie oedipienne dans "Wolfman"). Dans "Animals", ils sont - tenez-vous bien - le symptme de l'animal qui sommeille en nous et nous pousse la violence, la copulation frenetique et aux matires fecales deposees sur la moquette. Ds lors que l'animalite en question s'incarne en une sorte de foetus de beagle vaporeux, je ne puis plus decemment adherer la demonstration. Ce B-movie trs bas-de-gamme s'etire laborieusement sur une heure trente et tente l'impossible pour racoler le spectateur grands renforts de sang, de porno-soft pour menagres et de morsures, comme dans un trs mauvais episode de "True Blood". Et reveille l'animal qui sommeille en vous, de toute evidence une marmotte narcoleptique.

joey b (ag) wrote: So i love SUICIDE CLUB and was excited to see this film to see what the director had done - oh boy what a mistake this movie is - about a half hour in the story is still kind of going no where - an hour in the story has gone no where and what has happened is predictable, and by the ending i was laughing it was so bad, Masumi Miyazaki who played the lead female is really the only good thing about this mess - her acting was great i just wish the story revolving around her was as good and the incest-rape-mutilation did not shock me as i have seen it all before and it only exists in this film to try and shock people with virgin eyes - i give this film a 20% only for the lead actress....all i know is the next time i see someone with a cello case i will be looking for a small hole in it.

Lee M (ag) wrote: Fans of independent gay cinema, will have noticed that their own special niche of the Yuletide genre has mostly been neglected. This films, correcting said problem, should also be neglected.

Alex r (br) wrote: Follow up to the first Puppet Master is a big disappointment. After the amusing first entry, Puppet Master is a step down and is definitely not a fun experience. The cast are terrible, and the acting is about the same level as Troll 2. The first Puppet Master was a decent, watchable horror film. But Puppet Master 2 is simply a very bad film with bad acting, bad dialogue and bad directing. The film feels sloppy and doesn't try to break new ground. This is a poor attempt at a sequel, but it's not surprising considering that the whole series is a straight to DVD crap fest (except for the first film) There's nothing entertaining about this film, and you can see it was so cheaply made that it could have been a Sci Fi channel movie. This is a poorly constructed film with poor execution. If you liked the first film, don't bother with this one, it has nothing good to offer and is a waste of time. The film is terrible and not worth your time. I found myself fast forwarding a few times with this because it wasn't good and the acting was painful to watch and the so called story was pretty bad as well. This is a film that feels bad all around, avoid this because this series is just bad and the sequels are tiresome, boring and a mess. This second film fails where the first one succeeded, and that's being a good so bat's good horror flick. I disliked every sequel that came after the original, and I feel that because of that, this one of the worst horror series ever made.

Lenard K (nl) wrote: American woman serves as bait in order to help Scotland Yard catch a serial killer. Sirk movie starring Lucille Ball. A good example of how literate a lot of old Hollywood movies were, with a Baudelaire loving killer and a woman described as being as beautiful as a Gainsborough painting.

Richard D (nl) wrote: Cooper stars as an immature young scout apprenticing two a pair of older, grizzled scouts. The three are hired by a wagon train heading to California. Cooper falls in love with a young Frenchwoman heading west, but the two old guys try to keep him single, drinking and fighting. A fast-paced actioner that's tons of fun. You pretty much know exactly what's going to happen, but it's fun getting there.

Emily S (kr) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie!

Robert E (ag) wrote: My boys loved it, enough said..,

David B (de) wrote: One of the greatest adaptions of Robert E. Howard stories ever produce. The movie is perfectly done. There better be a sequel.

David D (es) wrote: Misled me into thinking it was an action film

Joshietron 6 (it) wrote: This film is extremely rubbish. From the disgusting animation to some of the worst humour that never gets a single laugh. It's even worse that there making 2 sequels to this. But at least they didn't reach the big screen but I think one film is enough. Sorry Splash entertainment, but making sequels to this film won't make anything better.