In India circa after the British Rule, there is a princely family consisting of Bade Thakur (Shammi Kapoor), his sons Devan (Vijayendra Ghatge), Vikram Singh (Vinod Khanna), and a third son... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Batwara torrent reviews

Caroline M (ru) wrote: absolute rubbish!! worst film ive seen since Mars attacks!!! 2 hours of my life I will never get back!!! RANK!!

Ash D (nl) wrote: A great movie about relationships and love that makes the world seem smaller! WATCH THIS MOVIE!

MK C (br) wrote: Sweet and Romantic... Different story and nice songs... Another awe full Ranbir movie... all of his movies having a good story..

YUM YUM (ca) wrote: I have never seen this or heard of it but i am down

Caleb C (it) wrote: I am sure I saw this and loved it?

Jackson S (de) wrote: Has more of an insight to the original series making it a bit better than the original

Alex B (jp) wrote: I,really liked this movie!! Hilary Duff, is gr8t and she was like so perfect 4 this movie.

Tom S (au) wrote: More than just a fun kids movie, it's actually a stunning work of pop art (particularly the geography of the city itself).

Arfaan A (kr) wrote: One of the finest movies I have ever watched. This one's definitely for those who enjoy well made movies.The music is awesome !

Alan L (mx) wrote: Aside from bad editing and flawed directing of Director Wu-Ma,this one is still a good-looking martial art genre and acceptable.Brings up the two great fighters/actors,Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah at the end fight is certainly joyful to watch.

scott l (au) wrote: i love this movie.Going by the story it has to be one of brandons best.

Richard M (mx) wrote: Evidently, noone reviewing this movie, ever watched it twice. Since no movie since 'Gone With the Wind' has been made to watch just once, this is critical malpractice. The "gross out" humor, mandatory in anything below an R rating, does nothing to to detract from the ingenuity of the plot. The depth of the humor is far to fast paced to be appreciated in one viewing. As you can tell I'm not a movie snob, I am willing to appreciate the effort put into any movie. The message in this movie is the indestructibility of true love, and making any situation workable.

Sarah B (mx) wrote: I couldn't get past the first fifteen minutes.