Bazaar is a 1982 Indian film directed by Sagar Sarhadi and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh, Smita Patil and Supriya Pathak.The film highlights the tragedy of young girls being sold by needy parents to affluent Indians in the Gulf.

Najma and Salim are in love, but their's is a platonic relationship, as Salim is a deep thinker and prefers that women like Najma be financially independent, and not be dependent on men. On... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ce Khan C (nl) wrote: The story of this movie is reminiscent of Dilwalle Dulhania Le Jayenge, but it have it own joyful line....This is an excellent film Sharukh Khan gives an outstanding performance as Arjun...The songs in the film are also meaningful and romantic...The song "ye dil deewana" is fantastic... this film is one of my favourite films..Overall a good family movie without violence and sex for a change...

Davis M (ag) wrote: Completely a trashy, terrible film by normal standards, but you're not watching Troma for cinema excellence. There's boobs, Mutation, Monsters, weird ass punks riding motor cycles, weed, stereotypes, and obnoxious fun.

RAVEN 1 LEPP HEAD (jp) wrote: i was really surprised with roger! he did a amazing job in this one and i loved the movie well done!!

Chris G (ag) wrote: A very interesting and exciting premise that's pulled off better than it could've been.

Bobby B (fr) wrote: This film has one of the most strangest, yet likable protagonists I have seen in a while. It's unfortunate that in the last 10 minutes he totally snaps. I wish he would have just realized that he would be "one more person dead." But then, of course, we wouldn't have a tragedy, would we. The film makes interesting statements about personal ideologies, and in the final frames, tends to mock them. Giannini, however, is brilliant.

Jeffrey T (nl) wrote: Holds up surprisingly well.

Liliane S (us) wrote: Wow that was quite good! Simple but very well executed. Some raw violence at a point which was tough to watch but overall a good movie with a great cast.

Maxx D (mx) wrote: So, so much more than I thought it was going to be. A very well crafted movie.

Don S (es) wrote: Before you think the worst, this is not a movie about the sex book. It is a period piece set in 16th century India. A romantic drama that pretty much fails on the romantic part, but has believable costuming and pretty cinematography. There is more nudity than I feel was called for, but apparently even more scenes were left on the cutting room floor. The story is simple and has been filmed many times over by nearly every country. The acting is on the poorer side, however Indira Varma impressed me again (I saw her in Mad Dogs as well.) She needs to be showcased in better movies.