Be Sick... It's Free

Be Sick... It's Free

The eventful ascent of a doctor in the corrupted Italian healthcare system.

The eventful ascent of a doctor in the corrupted Italian healthcare system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josefine L (ca) wrote: Mysig film med hrliga karaktrer! Handlingen r lite jobbig, kommer inte riktigt framt men det r nog meningen s.

Fernando M (mx) wrote: the worst of the worst

Kimberly M (br) wrote: just as cute as the others.

Jessi B (de) wrote: It's all sex scenes. Dont watch it. I hated it.

keyondra c (ca) wrote: Aweson funny cool movie

Danielle K (gb) wrote: A lot of negative review have been written about Spun, critiquing the film for it's lack of a traditional plot and it's unlike able characters. What they seem to of misunderstood is this movie isn't a story of redemption or a warning about the dangers of drug abuse. It's simply a snapshot of a few days in the life of meth addicts.

Monika K (de) wrote: Saw this along time ago! It was an ok movie

Irene M (ag) wrote: re-watched it. fun to see such a great cast, even in the smaller parts (e.g. Robin Williams). had an "80's" feel to it, but in an innocent and not annoying way.

Joey F (br) wrote: Do I even need to say anything? This movie is just so much fun. You're making your life worse by not seeing it.

Tim N (br) wrote: "Whata sa fucka is a Chinese Downhill?"What can I say, boobies and skiing.

Wes S (mx) wrote: It seems uninspired, many of the same old tricks are used, while the story isn't particularly interesting. There is little in surprises, nor does anything stand out other than some of the performances. This one is a more gory entry however.

Stefanos T (br) wrote: Hugely underrated movie by Hitchcock. It's probably up there with his other top movies like Rear Window, North by Northwest, and it's surprising how this movie is not often cited among fans who call themselves Hitchcock fanatics. Hitchcock was apparently dissatisfied with this film because of lack of subtlety. I have no idea what he's referring to but this I Confess is definitely much better than the overrated Shadow of the Doubt.

Husnan C (mx) wrote: Better than 28 Days Later for sure.Was hoping for a bit more, but enjoyed it non the less.

Andrew B (au) wrote: I really don't know what possessed me to randomly review this movie in the year 2015. I guess it is a sentimental attachment to one of my favorite childhood movies. One of those VHS tapes that my family owned that I played over and over again until I knew every single line. Growing up playing sports, specifically baseball was life. Going to Phillies games with my father at the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia was just something you could look forward to every summer as a kid. Whether this is some sort of artistic masterpiece, I am not saying it is. Field of Dreams is just a really feel good movie. Something you can enjoy with your family, even if you are not a sports fan. Something you can enjoy with your son as he's growing up and getting into sports. Costner has made a bunch of sports movies, but in my opinion this will always be his best. There is nothing outstanding about this movie, except the concept of it. A man who just follows a gut feeling and does something despite all his critics and all the ramifications that may come from it and follows what he feel he must do. Not just for his family, not just for the game of baseball, but for himself as well.

Jason M (nl) wrote: Vanilla Sky is a psychological thriller. Complex and difficult to understand to some, it may require a subsequent viewing or reviewing to understand the plot. The reality (and non-reality) may be defined by the sky in the backdrop. Is it the normal sky of reality or is it the Vanilla Sky of the protagonist's mother's painting of the same name, which occurs within his mind?The film speeds up in the 2nd half to its bizarre, twisted ending.

William F (jp) wrote: Really one of Pixar's best works. The subtlety and sound is brilliantly used and the characters are made so loveable by it. The story might not be as unique or as grand as one could expect, and the second half may not be as great, but it's still nevertheless a brilliant film. This is a must for any fan of animation. The characters are charming, the use of sound is fantastic, and the humour is there along with many other great emotions.