Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal

An American joins the French Foreign Legion in order to rescue a boyhood friend.

An American joins the French Foreign Legion in order to rescue a boyhood friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (us) wrote: Well l liked it you think man is everything like paranormal activity now a days every movie seem to have cameras set up being aliens or ghosts or whatever else but I still enjoyed it good one

Kenny N (es) wrote: I'm a big fan of horror anthology films, but this one is just a little too much "anthology." The segments vary wildly. Some run on too long, some too short, some just happen all of a sudden and then end just as suddenly, without bothering to inform the viewer about what you just saw. Some are so nonsensical that they are neither funny nor scary, just really, REALLY repulsive and brain damaging ("W" and "Z" especially. I have no idea what in God's name that was about but I don't plan to ever see either again.) The highlight for fact, the only segment that I not only enjoyed but that works entirely, is "Q." Writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard are two of the finest horrormeisters of our time, and they successfully make a black comedy while pointing out the mind numbing absurdity of the film itself. For that, I give it one star, and I'll fast forward to this segment on Netflix occasionally. I can ignore everything else. (I won't forget it though. Especially "Y." Yeesh...)

Ron J (br) wrote: I thought this was a really good rent. Not a blockbuster, but very entertaining.The story is about overcoming bad decisions from your past and working on creating a better future. The cast is not made up of any big names but there a recognizable faces and an excellent sound tract

Javier E (ru) wrote: Intenso relato de una nina que a los 12 anos es raptada por rebeldes en el Congo y obligada a convertirse en guerrillera. "Rebelle" relata dos anos en la vida de Komona y lo hace de forma casi documental, metiendo con mucho tacto una historia de amor que no es dulce ni cursi, pero si memorable. Vale mucho la pena, estuvo nominada al Oscar como Mejor Pelicula Extranjera representando a Canada. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Andrew H (gb) wrote: Boring and odd. Not reccomended.

Aaron H (au) wrote: [indent]So I was so pumped to see this movie. I wanted to see it in thearters but just did not have the time. So when it came out I rented it rite away. So i started to watch it. It was funny at the start but then all of the sudden it got kindda boaring based on this guy who "envyed" his best friend. The best part is at the very start but not much after that.:rotten: [/indent]

Bruno V (mx) wrote: This had it all ...Action , Comedy ! The Money travels fast from one gang to another ...Cool ! SOMDVD

Yoits A (es) wrote: An incredible journey into the life and mind of the father of rock and roll, Chuck Berry. Historically underappreciated by record companies, his fans knew better and his colleagues even more. I am blown away by the incendiary performanve

Godwin G (ag) wrote: Another great movie by John Travolta.

Ilja S (ca) wrote: Live and Let Die seth the stage for Roger Moores Bond in a satisfying and down-to-earth way, with a fresh style, a solid story and some great action scenes.

Greg W (kr) wrote: gr8 cast & director make this political drama go