Determined to win the Miss American Miss pageant, Mona is ready to sacrifice anything and everything to guarantee herself the crown including her own daughter! She manages to persuade her best bud to raise the kid as her own (Miss AM can't be a mom), but just when this beauty-queen wannabe thinks her prize is in sight, she's surprised by a come-from-behind competitor. Love.

Mona sacrifices everything, including family, in pursuit of a beauty pageant victory. Her friend Ruby helps her to an amazing degree. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean V (au) wrote: Excellent movie very powerful acting. I fear this theme will be a reality. After the Iraq war and all the built up hate. Now that the Syrians are migrating here to the U.S.A and we all know most of these refugees are not Syrians they are displaced Iraqi's bath's and soldiers from Saddam's Military that fled to Syria are going to be coming here to the U.S a very bad move. What of some of them are looking for retribution of some kind

Charlie 7 (ag) wrote: Terrible storyline, horrible singing, and abysmal acting performances. Miley Cyrus is not only egotistical but goes out of her way exclusively to sing how wonderful she is outside this film. It doesn't deserve the all attention that Cyrus brings from her controversy.

Zanele J (ru) wrote: One thing distinct about Redbelt is it's pacing, the movie does not pick up or slow down, one Apollonian in character. Mike (Chiwetell Ejiofor) is a generous business man, but his generosity leaves him broke but happy, He is compassion itself.One evening, in a bar, a brawl involving Chet Frank leaves him a hero but kicks off a chain of events predestined to get him to fight in a UFC tournament. This has been rigged from the beginning, he would not willingly compete, but a group of mobster like see to it that he does.The chain of events are way too elaborate for them to even seem plausible, but one needs to suspend belief for the story to work. As for the scenes, they are constructed to impress and delight the senses. A carefully hand picked cast is a intriguing to watch, Mike commands attention and Chet Frank played by Tim Allen adds credibility, he is used to trap Mike, Jose Carlo Contillo as the loyal Snowflake, his loyalty lends to Mike's eminence as a leader. Emily Mortimer plays a frail Laura Black, an edgy rape victim who practices law, she is the one who kicks off the domino effect that reverberates throughout the movie, there is a fantastic knife fight scenes where Laura and Mike are fighting in a dojo, this leads to some catharsis for Laura. Quiet an impacting scene.Mike realizes that even the competition is not as noble as presented in the media, his original ideas are stolen, it is a disgusting sham to him and they brought in the master from Brazil to add dignity to the tournament. Mike starts rejecting the whole idea and fights for the honor of the sport and the master.Hauntingly beautiful motion picture.Highly recommended

Steve M (fr) wrote: During the Cold War, renegade Soviet operative Nocolai Dalchimsky (Pleasence) is triggering deep-cover sleeper agents--so deep they don't even realize they're Soviet spies--by exposing them to the trigger that activates post-hypnotic suggestions that send them on murderous missions of sabotage and assassination. Colonel Grigori Borzov of the KGB (Bronson) and Barbara (Remick), a CIA operative, join forces to stop Dalchimsky before his actions trigger World War III. "Telefon" is a spectacular Cold War thriller. The actors all give great performances, helped by a script that provides them with well-defined, multi-faceted characters. The script is tight and the tension level is high throughout... and the humorous moments actually inspire real laughs. There are films that I wonder why they slip into obscurity, and "Telefon" is one of them. It's a film I thought would be far better known that it is, because it's a fabulous spy thriller. TelefonStarring: Charles Bronson, Lee Remick, Tyne Daly, and Donald PleasenceDirector: Don Siegal

Robyn (jp) wrote: hmmmmn dare i? think i want to check this out hope i wont regret it lol

Matheus M (jp) wrote: Best movie i ever saw!