Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy

A married couple on the verge of separation are leveled by the news their 18-year-old son committed a mass shooting at his college, then took his own life.

A married couple on the verge of separation are leveled by the news their 18-year-old son committed a mass shooting at his college, then took his own life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calum R (ca) wrote: Prior to this film's release, the build-up and promotion was relatively quiet, especially here in the UK, however I had my eye set on the project from the start, with McQueen directing, music from Zimmer and a cast of unbelievable talent, I had high hopes. Upon viewing this film, I was swept away in a force of emotional awe, this movie is the epitome of the "modern masterpiece."Every year, we see that one film that tries to induce an emotional attachment, from the likes of 'Million Dollar Baby' through to 'Slumdog Millionaire', however there are also those that try a little too hard and instead create a certain cringe-worthy appeal to the film, completely disregarding plot and structure for a few tearful moments. But then there are those masterpieces, the film that contains a plot, it contains an actual character we can relate to, someone we feel an emotional attachment to without having it rubbed in our faces, '12 Years a Slave' is that film.This is not an easy film to watch, but upon doing so, there's that sense of relief; the relief you get upon viewing one of the finest films of the 21st century, if not of all time. Not another remake or sequel, but something of true original value. The story is just perfect, the unbelievable tale of a man whose life was taken away as he was forced to spend 12 years working as a slave for white masters, and for those who had never heard of Solomon Northup, upon realising this is a true story, their disbelief and shock becomes apparent. The performances are fantastic, with newcomer Chiwetel Ejiofor starring as the fateful Solomon. Each actor perfectly portraying the embodiment of evil or innocent, with a huge shout out to Fassbender for his truly terrifying performance as the ruthless Edwin Epps. With flawless direction, a stunningly emotional score (that many compare to 'Inception') and gorgeous cinematography. '12 Years a Slave' might just be the perfect film.

M K (es) wrote: If your idea of great cinema is watching a clan of old money windbags do nothing but have dinner, argue, and argue whilst having dinner, painfully rendered in static DV photography, for two hours, than have I got a movie for you!

andrew p (ag) wrote: not good but the bear was the best actor

Jess G (br) wrote: Cute but predictable. Gotta love Kellan Lutz :)

Rajeev M (fr) wrote: foget the star .......!!!!! its 100 % kunal kohli"s muvee much much better then fannah and humtum i wont be surprized if .... no 1 agrees ..... its my opinion

Muhammed A (fr) wrote: Don't say "THANK YOU", instead of that help 3 people and tell that 3 people to help other 3 people. #LAMO

Pank T (mx) wrote: It was the working title for the legend of australian tale 'NED KELLY' . Dont learn more about him ... but very funny

Michael K (jp) wrote: Sometimes you rent a movie you never heard of hoping it will be good. I did this to this movie and I wish I took a poison I never heard of and hoped it could have killed me or my memory. Here is the movie summed up, "A rock comes up out of the ground.. it does some amazing crap.. then it flies away.. then end." Before watching this movie, drown yourself. ~

Private U (fr) wrote: cute and funny... kinda ahead of its time.

Dreena L (us) wrote: I think this is an under rated and under appreciated movie. The special effects are just enough to be funny and illustrate the ridiculousness of the situation. Bruce Willis is excellent in a rare comedy role. The scene with Sidney Pollack is priceless and "she'll be furious" (in the morgue) and "it's a miracle" are lines often quoted by our family. Funny and well written. The ending is well done.

Lee M (ca) wrote: It drips with class and craftsmanship, but the magic is not there.

Dann M (us) wrote: Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor get wild and crazy in the screwball comedy Stir Crazy. The story follows two New Yorkers that leave the city looking for new opportunities, but end up in the Arizona State Penitentiary framed for a crime that they didn't commit. Wilder and Pryor are in great form and bring the comedy. However, the plot is rather weak, with some odd tangents that detract from the overall story. Yet, you'd have to be crazy not to enjoy Stir Crazy; it's a lot of fun and is full of laughs.

Sarah E (es) wrote: A compelling documentary about a rather strange, secretive, and incredibly talented photographer whose work was only discovered posthumously. As a photography lover, this is a must, but I think everyone will enjoy this. And damn, I wish I was even a fraction as gifted as she was. Very inspiring!

Leigh G (kr) wrote: ohhh that Marisa Tomei really boils my potatoes!!