Beautiful Crazy

Beautiful Crazy


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wig,   jealousy,   fight,  

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Beautiful Crazy torrent reviews

Cameron F (ru) wrote: Kidulthood put me off. I am staying clear of this.

Cynthia J (it) wrote: T.D. Jakes has done it. You go boy!

Zaw M (de) wrote: smart, funny, and entertaining. 4 stars for the Hustle

Brody M (ca) wrote: If this movie was made to put me to sleep then it did it's job because I fell asleep after 20 minutes & I can't even remember what I watched to write a full review

sabi j (nl) wrote: close as you can come to the best movie

Daniel P (de) wrote: Though the premise is intriguing - particularly its basis in a true story - I Love You To Death doesn't quite come off. It never fully embraces black comedy in the way that it pretends to, and in the end it rings hollow. Beyond the believable Tracey Ullman, the characters are cartoony; it's a good thing in Kevin Kline's case, but it doesn't really fly with the rest of them. The first half works, but the second half limps to a cornball ending. Totally forgettable monument to 1990. Ick.

Kevin M (es) wrote: An unexpected masterpiece that was the pinnacle of the careers of both Sean Young and Rutger Hauer

Private U (au) wrote: Hey Flixter, this was released in 1975, not 2005.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Humorous, epic, and smart as a whip, "True Grit" is an all-American western and classic.

Paul C (au) wrote: I think Larry Crowne often gets a bad rap. My only actual criticism is that Larry didn't have kids; and they didn't backstory his ex-wife. It could have made the film more compelling and more realistic. That being said; the film definitely captures the challenges of the foreclosure/recession era. There were a substantial number of people ages 30ish to 50ish who had to hit the reset button from 2009-2012. People seem to want to block that out. Larry Crowne serves as a gentle reminder that is ok to be down but not out, and persistence and hard work the values this country were founded on. Quite frankly it was one of my favorite movies. Then, again, in 2012; I got divorced, lost my house and ended up going back to school (community college) to start a new career. So I might be biased. Still, even if I related more to Mr. Crowne's story than the average Joe, I think having a little Larry Crowne or Miss Tainot in you is a blessing.

Philip W (mx) wrote: Focused on GM Billy Beane and his struggle to compete with super star teams with the small market A's, Moneyball establishes itself as one of the best sports drama films of all time and is a hit with all viewers, regardless of their interest in baseball. With Brad Pitt at the helm and an A list supporting cast (Jonah Hill, Chris Pratt, and Philip Seymour Hoffman), the chemistry between them, the emotion and intensity is flawless throughout and keeps the audience highly engaged throughout the duration of this film. For baseball fans who can appreciate and understand some of the decisions and actions made throughout this film, it adds to the experience overall and will leave you satisfied when done watching this amazing story.

(us) wrote: This is one of those movie people that want to seem sophisticated pretend to love. It's slow, it's boring (as in there's no exploration of ideas, not as in there are no explosions), it's predictable, and the acting is so obvious it's embarrassing.There is one thing this movie does great though, it's a fantastic indicator of whether you should trust someone's opinions on movies. If they like this, don't trust 'em.

Tim S (jp) wrote: Still terrifying and fun to this day.