Tells the story of Fran├žois van Heerden, a mid-40s, white, Afrikaans-speaking family man living in Bloemfontein, who has become devoid of any care or concern for his own measure of happiness, and so convinced of his ill-fated existence, that he is wholly unprepared when a chance encounter unravels his clean, controlled life.

Portrait of a closeted gay husband/father living a life of quiet middle-aged desperation who becomes fixated on a friend's handsome collegiate son, leading to an incident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (ru) wrote: Not the best actress miss Streisand , to play a enoying mother was oke , but me more liked Seth Rogen ...Kind story

Ludwig S (mx) wrote: Atmosphrisch, sehr gut gespielt, aber die Handlung ist nicht so richtig glaubwrdig.

Andrew Z (it) wrote: A fantastic french film. If you can find it with English subtitles then you have found an absolute GEM!! I love this film.

Angela B (br) wrote: Really Funny Stoner Road Trip Movie Not As Good As Some But Still Good For Some Laughs

Susan L (us) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. In general I found it to be a very realistic portrait of dysfunctional relationships. Charly was my favorite character. I just wanted Marie to wake up and see that she had a perfectly nice boyfriend who obviously cared for her but of course that doesn't happen. I also liked how Charly and Chriss' roles were reversed from what you might expect but without being so cliche about it. I didn't like the jumping scene though. I felt there was no lead up to it from Marie's POV even though we'd been getting it earlier in the movie. Very nice though. I am interested in seeing more movies from the cast and director.

Caroline H (es) wrote: A liked this when a was wee but not really anymore

Stewart F (nl) wrote: Do funny. We all know a Barry :-)