Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

The story of a gentle-hearted beast in love with a simple and beautiful girl. She is drawn to the repellent but strangely fascinating Beast, who tests her fidelity by giving her a key, telling her that if she doesn't return it to him by a specific time, he will die of grief. She is unable to return the key on time, but it is revealed that the Beast is the genuinely handsome one. A simple tale of tragic love that turns into a surreal vision of death, desire, and beauty.

A beautiful young woman takes her father's place as the prisoner of a mysterious beast, who wishes to marry her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beauty and the Beast torrent reviews

Pyramide H (it) wrote: This is quite possibly the greatest film I've ever seen. I say this because of its beautiful animation, stunning storyline, and great voice acting, the kind that you would expect from a high budget movie of a popular anime. The film is long, and to my understanding the longest animated film ever made however when you are watching it the time flies by, but not so you wouldn't notice how fantastic this masterpiece is. I would recommend watching the series "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" before the film however if you really don't want to I suppose it would work without.

JC E (au) wrote: I honestly don't remember why I put this flick on my Netflix queue. Maybe it was because I'm a Star Wars nerd and Terence Stamp (The Adjustment Bureau) played Chancellor Vallorum in the much maligned, but overhated Episode I. Or perhaps it's because Gemma Arterton (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) - who should have been cast as Wonder Woman in the almost guaranteed to fail 'Batman vs. Superman' - also features among the cast. Regardless, besides one glaring inclusion of a song by the awful Canadian diva, Celine Dion, the movie is quite charming. In addition to the very amiable Stamp and Arterton, Christopher Eccleston (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) and Venessa Redgrave (Anonymous) also give great performances. It's very touching, but not overly sappy. There are certainly worse ways that you could spend an evening than watching this heartwarming flick.

Qarlos J (it) wrote: With truly passionate scenes, a few lines during the whole film and an indecipherable ending, Hernandez's film flows sometimes sluggishly slow and some others takes you around Mexico City life, love, despair and hope through the eyes of two young boys. Those who have a hope set high for love will like it.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Just as good as the first two, The action was way better and Ryan Reynolds brings in some humour which helps allot at times.

Steve W (ca) wrote: So Close is so bad. From jarring tonal shifts, a romance that goes nowhere, overly stylistic action, and bad visual effects, this movie only has two things going for it. 1) Karen Mok is actually really good in the movie, and 2) the final samurai sword fight is good even great. Everything else is cheesy with a capital "C", from the half-assed shootouts, the poorly done flashback, and after the 5th time of seeing really bad CGI glass breaking, you've just about had enough. So Close is not even close to being a guilty pleasure, and I do not recommend it, even for action movie junkies.

Abel D (kr) wrote: Flashy, snazzy and sexy, Marshalls mobster musical is quite a ride. Then again, did you expect less from an amazing soundtrack and powerhouse cast who absolutely nail the quasi serious-comic nature of the material?

Grayson W (it) wrote: A bizarre and surreal movie within a movie about an optometrist on a killing spree controlled by his hypnotist mother.

Bill B (it) wrote: An equally watchable sequel, though perhaps not as much fun as the first film, though since I watched them back to back I may've spoiled my enjoyment here a little bit due to how big of an impression the original made.Well worth a watch.

Sean K (ag) wrote: The first Bond film to botch the series into camp. Luckily the film has Connery to fall back on along with the menacing introduction to Blofeld in the wings...

Geoff G (jp) wrote: Awesome ... but not better than Le Mans! Still Awesome!

Jenna G (it) wrote: It Happened One Night is so much fun and is blessed with pure greatness from Colbert, Gable & Capra.

Daniel K (au) wrote: There is nothing quite like a good noir. They never get old no matter how inventive or formulaic they are. They allow for non A-list stars to showcase their incredible talent as well.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Do watch this movie is you are interested in watching some good fight scenes... do NOT watch this movie if you want a story/plot.