Beauty and the Seven Beasts

Beauty and the Seven Beasts


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Alison O (jp) wrote: Yet another lamentable British comedy offering, if you were to say that this movie fell between two stools, neither 'stool' would be of the wooden variety. 'Smack the Pony - the movie' sounds like a promising proposition but this lame nag spends an hour and a half staggering about the Roman invasion years before voluntarily flopping into a vat of Copydex. What a pity.

Fred V (ag) wrote: I had to take a break halfway through this abomination of a movie to regain my brain power. I wasn't expecting much, even for a Seagal movie, but this really insults its audience's intelligence. The editing is sloppy, the stunts are ridiculous, there are countless plotholes and continuity issues throughout, it's insanely stupid, and of course, Seagal still can't act his way out of a paper bag. I'd say that it's so bad it's good, but that would imply that there are good qualities about it. Skip it unless you want a good laugh.

kyo 9 (nl) wrote: hmm.. might wanna watch it when I had the mood..

Danii S (nl) wrote: Til this day this movie still scares the hell outta me

Jordan T (nl) wrote: CHUCK F**KIN' NORRIS = CLASSIC! I could NOT pass up purchasing this when I found it at Gabes (no joke $7.97). Like everyone says, the cover alone was worth every cent. The action scenes are absolute gold and did I mention HILARIOUS! Chuck without a mustache is still a hard concept for me to grasp (not to mention being golden blond), but he grows it back in all it's glory and proceeds to kick ass. There are so many subtle nuances in the entire movie from facial expressions, to cars, to shades. Overall, they tried way too hard trying to justify the title (esp. when Chuck wears blue a lot lol) and it's also slow at times. However, the scenes on the slopes of Squaw Valley and at the airport make up for everything.

Servanne D (au) wrote: Messieurs, a nous !!

MF J (ru) wrote: An amazing film from Milos Forman, one of the most talented directors to ever live. This new take on the Mozart story is quite different from what you would expect at first, but this film will win you over by his majestic sets, brilliant cinematography, excellent acting and beautiful soundtrack.

Will B (gb) wrote: Great movie of resilience and hope as a washed up boxer rises his way back to stardom during the Great Depression trying to provide for his family

Travis A (gb) wrote: Not sure what movie Rotten Tomatoes was watching but the tomatometer is pretty far off. It's a fictional tale. The plot is as straight forwards as any action movie but the performance given by Clive Owen is believable. As far action movies go it's no Braveheart but it is certainly not the terrible movie that rotten tomatoes would have you think.