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Bed & Board

Some time after "Baisers Volés", Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) and Christine Darbon (Claude Jade) are married and Antoine works dying flowers, and Christine is pregnant and gives ...

Some time after "Baisers Volés", Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) and Christine Darbon (Claude Jade) are married and Antoine works dying flowers, and Christine is pregnant and gives ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackie M (it) wrote: It is a captivating subject and movie. Jolie has a good eye for dark, lush layers. It was well acted.

Ryan S (br) wrote: Can I give less than 1 star? Haven't seen a movie this bad in a while. Acting was pretty terrible, no attention to detail on the set or script and the CGI work was done by a 6 year old.

Corey C (au) wrote: Fine enough. Greg Kinnear is good, even if the movie's no world-beater or anything.

kyo 9 (gb) wrote: One of the best martial arts movie I've ever saw..I never know about this epic before, watching this movie, I've learned that to be the best, you have to beat the best!

Mark J (it) wrote: Powerful and thought provoking drama, exceedingly well acted, unfussily shot and put through with a bare minimum of preachiness as it begs the question whether religion should be used as a decoy and a smoke cloud to excuse plain hatred and fear of something deemed evil and wrong to be evil and wrong! Shades of 'Blood Simple', 'In The Bedroom', 'Eye For An Eye'-even Agatha Christie's classic book 'And Then There Were None' glisten through as we find Seth Peterson's Robbie and his future mother-in-law, plus Lin Shaye as his neighbour reeling from the shock of a horrible death of a loved one and then even worse pain when the law seems to want to fail them; leading to what they feel they must do if justice isn't forthcoming.Seth Peterson and the guy who plays Brian make a lovely suburban couple and their dog is cute too. Farah White as a fair and probing cop is on brilliant form, where is the girl now, and why isn't she given her dues. Bruce Davison is a manic and demonic-like Pastor preaching hate and hypocrisy is suitably vile, and his dense wife, played well by Susan Blakely shows exactly the kind of fearful ignorance that their beleaguered son is rallying against, and Chad E Donella does well with rather clunky but expectant biblical posturing, and quite sad too, as he is pulled this way and that with his feelings.Cindy Pickett is on fine form as the loving mother whose naturalistic acceptance of only son's homosexuality is a complete given it's simply freshly authentic, and her heartbreaking, raw and understated show of massive grief at her son's loss balances beautifully with a very deep affection for the man who's been happily with her son for six years, and now they are even more united, declaring that evil will not beat them. Their clear unwavering support and trust of each other is charming, and Lin Shaye is great fun as an equally supportive neighbour, but quite nasty is the misogynistic and arrogant homicide detective played with bile by Giancarlo Esposisto, clearly the typical US figure of police doubt over what would be otherwise described as a hate crime, which 'Hate Crime' signals clearly with its title.A film like this couldn't have been done early enough, there's nothing like trying to show the rivers of undiluted homophobia traipsing all over America, and how religious based propaganda has plenty to do with it, but the film stresses it ultimately comes down to what is right and wrong-and taking away someone's life in the pursuit of "plague clearing" is about as wrong as you can get.Some have moaned that this film only got made because it's showing pretty suburban white couples, because no other critically acclaimed overegged films have ever done that, have they? A stupid, pitiful little lament, surely we should pleased a movie like this got made in the first place. Maybe once gay couples become more the norm in film and television (at any rate more than they are now), there WILL be more chances to see less chocolate-boxy people on show, but come on. It's not exactly a catwalk show set around a murder scene, and anyone failing to be moved by this-one of the best films 2005 had to offer, clearly has no heart.. 16 Rotten Reviews? Clearly 16 people are rotten!

Bela D (nl) wrote: Bright, witty, extremely gay, and thoroughly enjoyable. Forget the sour old hets who've downed this movie; it's a lot of good clean fun. While ruthlessly demolishing every stereotype you can think of, the script takes deadly aim at one of the biggest homophobic lies of all: that sex is all about gain, rather than love. Yes, the film is cartoonish, but that's the whole point. I think it's a deliberate parody of those lurid born-again tracts that feature sinners in hell while the few lucky ones float around a neon heaven. If you don't get this film, then you're either stone hearted or not very bright.

ramis v (br) wrote: well i forgot about that one

Michael W (gb) wrote: Five short stories all taking place in a cab in different cities around the world. Unique, but Jarmusch's style is not for all.

Arelis R (kr) wrote: This film is so sad... :(

Private U (fr) wrote: Tim Roth is fantastic in this. Just one of the best films ever made.

Spencer H (us) wrote: Corpse Bride is to short to be romantic or anything, but the ending is kind of sweet. I was bored throughout the entire movie though and was very disappointed in Tim Burton, who happens to be one of my favorite directors.

Erik G (jp) wrote: 'My Boyfriend's Back' is an odd yet fun zombie comedy, with our lead character Johnny coming back from the dead and finally wins the heart of the most beautiful girl in school, whom he's been in love for years. I find it romantic as a moment when Missy sticks to her new boyfriend despite bullies' taunts, small-town prejudice, and Johnny's recent craving for human flesh. And yes, it's hilarious. Directed by Bob Balaban and starring the great performances of Andrew Lowery, Austin Pendleton, and Traci Lind.