Bedelia Carrington is living happily, it appears, in Monte Carlo with her husband Charlie Carrington (Ian Hunter.) But a cultivated young artist, Ben Chaney (Barry K. Barnes), begins probing into her past with curious concern. Chaney, who is really a detective, learns that Bedelia's obsession for money has led her, in the past, to husband-poisoning for the insurance money.

Bedelia Carrington is living happily, it appears, in Monte Carlo with her husband Charlie Carrington. But a cultivated young artist, Ben Chaney, begins probing into her past with curious ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel H (mx) wrote: Wonderful telling of the start of a recognizable fashion from a smart woman

Josh G (br) wrote: A strange film, a blend of lewd storytelling, and off-set humour. The humour seems to almost be coming from cohen brothers to the three stooges in camp value and schtick. from jumping out the windows to cinderalla pretending to be a rat killer, it is simply manic, menial, and a bit magical for sequels going. For those wanting the films romantic and dreamscape atmosphere unfortunately thats amiss in this blunder. But more highly developed characters, ahem the prince who actually gets to speak, and higher comic relief does dote the landscapes in this film. Plus a stronger sense for the leading lady. Interesting, a bit messy, and a lot of fun.

Amy B (ru) wrote: Sort of A Beautiful Mind meets Face Off, due to the World Trade Center bombing. I LOVE John Abraham, just cuz he's so hot, but the plot was eh...

Kelly K (es) wrote: I like it. Great movie

Drew N (au) wrote: Incredible Storytelling

Sharon S (es) wrote: A quirky love story, Tisha Campbell was excellent in her role.

Alexander P (br) wrote: One of the funniest, sweetest, most nostalgic films ever made. Probably the unfortunate title and horrible print ad campaign killed it (see above image - who wants to see >that< movie?).This is one of those rare films, like Local Hero or Cold Comfort Farm, that will have the viewer yearning for a re-visit. Too many classic scenes to mention. The film probably runs a little long, but I'm stumped at what could possibly be cut. If you love films, this is required viewing. A masterpiece.

kelly a (de) wrote: i think i have seen this just can't remember it

Amy D (nl) wrote: best movie i've ever seen in my life!!!

Timothy J (es) wrote: There is little that Bogart is in that I dislike. A nice piece of Film Noir.

Tino P (mx) wrote: A stunning example for what the future of cinema can hold.

Lovro H (it) wrote: This movie is a fucking mess. It tries to do something different and miserably fails. It has a lot background story for Michael and all of his backstory somehow manages to ruin his character. He was far more scarier when we knew nothing about him and he was just killing people for no apparent reason. Now we get this ridiculous backstory that he's actually just a henchman for this cult of the Thorn. Now, there are 2 different versions of the movie. The Producer's Cut and the Theatrical cut. I've only seen the theatrical cut, but having heard what happens in the producer's cut, I'm glad I went with this one. The Producer's cut has this amazingly illogical ending, while the theatrical cut also does something like that, but it's much less frustrating to watch. In the ending, after Ant-Man (Paul Rudd's in the movie, btw, he's very bad in it) finishes off Michael with a steel pipe (what a way to go, huh?) and leaves the place, we see Michael's mask lying on the floor, next to it an empty syringe and we hear Dr. Loomis' maniacal scream. I have literally no idea what the hell happened, but I didn't like it. All in all, this movie has too much in it, and it feels so rushed and incoherent that it's barely enjoyable. Wouldn't recommend, unless you want to watch all of the movies in this franchise.

Vasco M (ca) wrote: Kung Fu Hustle is an unusual case of a cartoon pitch that might have accidentally been turned into live action movie. But in all seriousness, it's got a great mix of practical effects and entertaining acting that makes for a treat of a feature film that never takes itself seriously.

Cynthia S (it) wrote: This movie had the potential to be an excellent thriller/mystery but falls quite short. A star studded cast that unfortunately delivers mediocre performances. Flaws in directing and editing eliminate any possibility of tension or intrigue. Instead it plays as choppy and flat journey for Woodley's character, from teenager to adult, wondering about her mother's absence. I never once cared for nor connected with the lead character. With so many great actors it is a shame that there is such a lack of depth.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Really limited story. Somewhat interesting, but far exceeded by other Ford films--even ones on the same subject. Basically, this is a moderately-effective propaganda film.

Anne W (br) wrote: i try to catch em alll