Three stories of the supernatural are recounted in this anthology. Rick, an Aboriginal boy living near a swamp on Bribie Island, is haunted by an American solider who drowned in quicksand. Ruby and her family live in a house near long-abandoned train tracks, which still carry ghostly apparitions. A landlord has trouble evicting the tenants of an old warehouse: a couple that's been dead for years

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:anthology,  

Australian Drama / Fantasy . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas A (it) wrote: What can I say? It's Russell Peters, everyone! I've seen most parts of his standup comedy movie before (in form of 3 to 10 minute clips all over Youtube), but it is not until recently that I am finally able to see the show in its entirety.

Carlos M (es) wrote: A frenetic electro-rockish sci-fi zombie movie that focuses more on its intriguing mystery than on the scares, especially during the well-paced first act. The sets have a nice video game look and the result is not only better due to the atrocious CGI of the genetic mutated viral creature.

Grant T (ag) wrote: Definitely a well done film, especially from the scary good performance of Edward Norton. Though his recovery was quick and underdeveloped, it still will be a film discussed for a while

Anthony B (gb) wrote: "Prison" first came to my attention years ago when I read about it in a Fangoria publication titled "101 movies you have never seen" upon reading the article I thought it sounded fantastic and instantly hopped onto amazon to purchase the DVD, to my disappointment the movie was unavailable on any format! After years of trying to hunt this movie down I finally laid my hunts on a dutch import and my of my what a let down!!! "Prison" is a pretty bog standard 80's supernatural horror, often showing moments of promise but never fully capitalizing on the decent premise. My advice is if you really must watch a movie where a dude executed on death row returns to cause supernatural havoc then check out Wes Craven's superior movie "Shocker".

Keith P (ag) wrote: THIS (if you get my drift) is another Robert Ginty film I discovered on the eponymous TV channel, specifically after 11:30 PM. For you "Mystery Science Theater 3000" fans, "The Paper Chase" guy hides his face behind a welder's mask here as opposed to a biker's visor in "Warrior of the Lost World." "Exterminator 2" couldn't win Oscars or Golden Globes with a rollerskating thug who can abduct a lady & continue "sk8n'" at top speed despite of the laws of physics, or one part of the climactic scene that reminded me of "Assault" from "American Gladiators."

Randy H (de) wrote: Maybe funnier than the first. Probably the Gayest straight movie ever.