Beef III

Beef III

Beef III is the third installment of the Beef series. It is a documentary about Hip hop rivalries and beefs (arguments). It was released on DVD on November 15, 2005. It was directed by Peter Spirer and lasts approximately 85 minutes. It was narrated by DJ Kay Slay and scored by Nu Jerzey Devil. The next film in the series is called Beef IV.

Respect...In hip-hop it's the name of the game. Some rappers will do anything to get it, even starting a Beef with another rapper or crew...and that can lead to raw, brutal conflict in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan L (nl) wrote: Wow! That was exciting!

Ondrej (ca) wrote: TV bad movie quality.

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

bill s (ru) wrote: To me,the worst King adaptation period and end of discussion.

Douglas L (ag) wrote: We've seen this style of movie more recently but I liked this early 90's b movie. The settings were good.

Rodney E (kr) wrote: Another Two Corey fave from a kid that I think is interesting in the whole switching bodies scheme of things. Feldman and Robards making a switcheroo could have only happened in the late 80's. And Meredith Salenger was beyond a dream here. It was between her and Heather Graham for hottest actress in the late 80's.

Miriam G (au) wrote: When it rises above the didactic preachiness inherent in movies of its ilk, this movie shines.

bill s (ca) wrote: Ducky done screwed up this time.

Michael (fr) wrote: What?! I'd never see this movie, I thought Furious 7 was the first movie to jump a car between two buildings ;-)This movie's plotholes, dialog and bad acting are redeemed by sheer 80s crazy hilarity

Jamie I (br) wrote: I think if I don't read the comic I cannot be soiled by a poor movie adaption. X-Men for example. Thanks for fucking that up, Bryan Singer. Ghost Rider was a good origin flick.I really dug the special effects with the flaming skull head and motorcycle. I don't know what Ghost Rider purists have to say but hell I liked it.

Michael H (au) wrote: Far too silly to be taken seriously, but for one of Carpenter's lesser works it does stand up pretty respectably

Shane D (us) wrote: Pretty solid. Takes a while to get over their being not a single German accent to be heard, but otherwise, this is decent B-level Cruise.

Jake B (it) wrote: So sad but such a good story for a realistic fiction.