Thom Fitzgerald's (The Hanging Garden) provocative blending of fiction and documentary, tells the story of Bob Mizer, the pioneering founder of the Athletic Model Guild, a company which produced still photographs and short films extolling the beauty and chiseled physiques of men. The fiction story follows photographer and enterprising businessman Mizer, who teamed up with his mother in 1945 to film his beefy star-wannabes around his sun-drenched pool. It is here that Neil, a naive, right-off-the-bus teen is lured into using his handsome looks to become a model. The wide-eyed Neil soon learns about the world of sex and prostitution. But a police raid and ensuing criminal trial soon threaten both of the men's worlds. Interspersed with the story are rare archival footage and interviews with former co-workers, customers and models.

This film looks at the 1950's muscle men's magazines and the representative industry that were popular supposedly as health and fitness magazines, but were in reality primarily being ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher Llewellyn R (br) wrote: Although I found "War Witch" powerful, and although it was a Best Foreign Film nominee, I can understand why folks might not want to sit though it. This is a brutal movie. Kids with guns, killing just about anything that move - including their own parents - do not make for happy viewing.Still, I recommend the movie. "War Witch" tells the story of war-torn central Africa, where warlords force local children into their armies, brutalizing them so they can brutalize others. It focuses its narrative on one such child, Komona, thereby giving us a relatable character in the midst of the madness. Played by newcomer Rachel Mwanza, Komona suffers for the sins of others, finds a way to survive, and finds redemption in a way that offers hope for the future.The film is violent, but the director, Canadian Kim Nguyen, show great restraint in his depictions of brutality. The most horrific acts happen off screen. Of greater challenge for most viewers, most likely, is Nguyen's elliptical narrative technique, which will frustrate those looking for clear plot points. In the middle of war, however, confusion reigns. Still, Nguyen adheres to a traditional three-act structure, and by the end of the film most of the narrative threads are tied up. Stick with it, and "War Witch" offers worthy rewards.

Todd S (kr) wrote: 2009 US Director: Alex Turner Score: 7 Set in the deserts of Afghanistan, this one explores the legend of the Djinn, often called Genies in the west. If you know anything about genies beyond the Disney or TV version then you know there is potential here for a wicked supernatural horror film. This film does a pretty good job with it. A U.S. Army squad on ?routine? insurgent patrol out in the desert shoots up an ancient statue they find among some ruins, mostly out of boredom and cockiness. The statue was actually a ?prison? that held a Djinn. The statue?s destruction releases the vengeful spirit and it wastes no time to begin mentally tormenting the men of the squad with illusions and mind games. The film gets interesting when paranoia and panic grips the group and they start to turn on each other. The acting is good, though average. The soundtrack can be called the same. The SFX are pretty good. For a DTH DVD release this one is good, and is worth checking out. Notes: HL-GV-BN Suggested Age: 16+

Rob L (jp) wrote: A rather dumb movie, good premise with no direction. I like Dina Meyer in it, but that's about it.

James P (au) wrote: An average, by the numbers cop thriller.

Natasha M (es) wrote: I personally enjoyed this movie. It's an older one, but I've watched it more then once, and that being said, it has to be fairly decent for me to even take the time out of my day to do.

E A (nl) wrote: A well made documentary about the Deaf community and the choice to give deaf children cochlear implants. It is so real and accurate that it produces an almost voyeuristic view into the much misunderstood deaf community. I recommend this to any viewer as it elicited in depth conversations between my husband and I after finishing the film.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: It's a hard film to figure out but it's still one of the best times I had at the movies that year. You're never really certain whether some of the more outlandish ideas were carefully thought out or if the director lucked into some of his effects. Either way it works out beautifully. I still watch it at least 3 or 4 times a year.

Brian K (es) wrote: Not even good in a campy way

Maria V (ca) wrote: love elvis musical and movies